Fresh wind + chicken manure = premiere of my new documentary

The Chicken Manure Incident, my new, 44-minute documentary about the ongoing battle between the City of Abbotsford, BC and its homeless population, will premiere at Fresh Wind Christian Fellowship in Abbotsford on January 25 at 7pm.

Two of the principle figures in the film, Ward Draper and Jesse Wegenast of the 5&2 Ministries, will be on hand to do Q&A following the screening. And with any luck, so will I. If you’re in the area, please come out to the screening. Admission is free, but donations will be taken for the 5&2.

If your church or small group is interested in showing the film, please let me know. We are making it available for a small donation. I will also be releasing it soon on Vimeo-on-Demand and VHX. Stay tuned!


The Chicken Manure Incident Official Trailer from Kevin Miller on Vimeo.

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