The best of all possible stories — can it be true?

That’s the title of the paper I’ll be delivering at Trinity Western University’s Hell and Damnation public philosophy lecture event on February 13. Also presenting will be TWU philosophy professor Myron Penner, whose paper is called “How to Be a Universalist.” The event kicks off at 7pm and will wrap around 9. Q&A to follow our presentations.

For those of you who can’t make it, the event will be recorded. More info on the event here.


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  • Myron A Penner

    Excitement is mounting for “Hell and Damnation”. Still working out the details for recording the event–recording hasn’t been confirmed as of yet (sadly, the philosophy department doesn’t have a budget for the extra expense).

    • Kevin Miller

      Good to know, Myron. I thought I had read earlier that it would be recorded.