I wish “Disquiet Time” was more disquieting, but I still enjoyed it

When a book bills itself as a series of “rants and ravings on the Good Book by the Skeptical, the Faithful, and a Few Scoundrels,” I’m primed for some fairly salacious reading. Unfortunately, Disquiet Time–edited by Jennifer Grant and Cathleen Falsani and published recently by Jericho Books–didn’t quite deliver as promised. Sure, some of the [Read More…]

When goods don’t cross borders, armies will

The quote that forms the title of this post comes from Otto T. Mallery (1881-1956), perhaps best known for his book Economic Union and Durable Peace. It came to my attention recently while listening to Blueprint for Armageddon Part 1 on Dan Carlin’s most excellent Hardcore History podcast. As the quote indicates, countries that are economically interdependent [Read More…]

Kevin DeYoung — the complete “Hellbound?” interview

This rounds out my collection of “young, restless and Reformed” interviewees. Like Justin Taylor, Kevin doesn’t have nearly the name recognition of Mark Driscoll, but he’s certainly more of a “brain trust” in the Reformed world. My conversation with Kevin was uncomfortable and awkward at times. He has called his involvement with the film “interesting,” [Read More…]

More from the “Hellbound?” vault — Paul Young, Baxter Krueger and John McMurray

Originally, we planned to interview all three of these guys separately, but they insisted on doing it as a group discussion. Unfortunately, we weren’t really equipped for that from a technical point of view (we had only one camera and three mics), but we improvised and, thankfully, were at least able to use snippets of this [Read More…]

God hates… rocket surgery?

This is one of several deleted scenes from Hellbound? Many people have advised me never to release this, but to hell with that. The idea for this segment was born over beers and burgers at Prime 16 in New Haven the evening we interviewed Miroslav Volf at Yale. We were on our way to Houston [Read More…]

I was going to blog about Halloween–until I read Ben Corey’s post

It’s called The Evil Part of Halloween. But it’s not what you think. As Ben says, There is an evil side to Halloween–one that doesn’t involve fake ghosts or goblins, but a real evil–one that includes slavery, oppression, beatings, broken lives, and destroyed families.   That’s right folks, we’re not talking about Satan, we are [Read More…]

Justin Taylor – the full “Hellbound?” interview

Continuing with the “young, restless and Reformed” theme, begun with my interview with Mark Driscoll, I bring you my full interview with Justin Taylor. Though not a household name like Driscoll, Justin is an influential blogger at the Gospel Coalition whose pre-emptive post, Rob Bell: Universalist?, which was a response to the book trailer for [Read More…]

Mark Driscoll – the full “Hellbound?” interview

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but Vimeo has been giving me all sorts of technical grief. At any rate, it’s finally online. It goes for just over an hour, and it features everything you saw in the film and a whole lot more, including a spot where Mark gets a little [Read More…]

Who is really naive–those who think violence can solve their problems or those who don’t?

I’ve received a fair bit of flack over a post I wrote last week that essentially blames the recent “terrorist” attacks in Canada on our foreign policy, namely, our decision to join the coalition launching air strikes against ISIS. I argued that had we chosen to pursue non-violent and humanitarian approaches to ISIS and their victims [Read More…]

Why “terrorists” are suddenly attacking Canada

The answer isn’t complicated. We are exporting violence right now at a level not seen in some time. Not only are we launching air strikes against ISIS, we are also exporting fighters on the other side. Therefore, it’s only natural that someone would seek to even out the exchange. We aren’t importing terrorists, but we are certainly importing [Read More…]