Cuando los sueños universitarios se vuelven realidad

By Andrew Thompson es estudiante de último año con especialidad en comunicaciones en Wheaton College en IllinoisUna nueva alianza de universidades cristianas quiere que el 25 por ciento de su estudiantado sea hispano para el 2015.Para algunos, la educación es una expectativa. Para otros, es un sueño inalcanzable. Unos la miran como la puerta al triunfo, mientras que otros la ven como una tarea sin valor. Pero para Andrea Reyes Ramírez, es mucho más que eso. Es su ofrenda a Dios y su pasió … [Read more...]

NHCLC Responds To Statement by Congressman Young

The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, The Hispanic Evangelical Association, responded today to the unfortunate term Congressman Young engaged in describing Hispanic migrant workers.As Christ followers we stand committed to an agenda that replaces rhetorical pornography with the redemptive language of love, tolerance, compassion and reconciliation. The pejorative term "wetback," reminds us of a time in our Nation's history when racial epithets stood unchecked, while many of … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to all Distinguished Members of Congress

I am writing this letter to you today, to represent the Latino population that I serve. Nothing sparks a more hotly contested public debate and is a more highly politicized issue than immigration reform. I too want to serve those under my watch. As CEO of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) I need to share my concerns and those of the 40,000 churches, the dozens of community agencies and the millions of its members regarding the millions of immigrants caught in the … [Read more...]

Immigration Reform: Future Flow Must Meet Economic Need

For me and my colleagues in the Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform coalition, we want to see a fair, pragmatic, and just immigration reform that respects the rule of law; secures our borders, our businesses, and our visa process; ensures fairness to taxpayers; protects the unity of the immediate family; and especially respects the God-­given dignity of every person. Furthermore, we strongly feel that our nation has a moral imperative to assure that any immigration reform … [Read more...]

Praying Circles Around Your Children

In February I attended the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC. This was a remarkable experience. Since 1953, a group of members of Congress have met for prayer in the Spirit of Jesus of Nazareth. They gathered to pray for the nation and for the President of the United States. When President Eisenhower heard about the first gathering, he asked if he could come. The members of Congress agreed and held the first National Prayer Breakfast at the Washington Hilton. I attended the 61st … [Read more...]

Name-calling is ‘rhetorical pornography’

By Jim Daly, Russell D. Moore and Samuel RodriguezWe've all heard it, since we were schoolkids knocking about on the playground: "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me." A saying with good intent, to be sure, designed to steel young minds, and hearts, against the inevitable bruises that come with sharing childhood and adolescence with other children and adolescents.But did any of us ever believe it was true? Even today – now that we're older, hopefully w … [Read more...]

The Forgotten

Charles Carpenter George Murray Nolan Harmon Paul Hardin Joseph Durick Earl Stallings Edward Ramage Milton GrafmanIn towns all across America streets are not named after them.  School children do not learn about them.  No one waits in line to see the homes where they were born.  They are...simply forgotten.They weren’t necessarily bad men.  They weren’t unimportant men.  They were men of influence, men with a voice and the respect of their community.  Most would have agreed; … [Read more...]

Immigration Reform and Faith Values: The Agenda of the Lamb

Our commitment, as people of strong faith, is to reconcile conviction with compassion, truth with love, and righteousness with justice. At the end of the day our number one objective is to reconcile the Rev. Billy Graham’s message with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s march. In doing so, we advance not the agenda of the Donkey or the Elephant, but exclusively the agenda of the Lamb.Comprehensive immigration reform is about the right thing to do. The Lamb’s agenda activates a kingdom cult … [Read more...]