Conservative Conference Misses Hispanics … Again

CPAC is once again missing the mark by chasing issues they believe matter to Hispanics while avoiding our number one concern: Education Equality.As the Conservative Political Action Conference convened in Washington DC this week, their agenda included issues vital to our nation, including religious liberty, life and immigration. These topics matter deeply to the 54 million American citizens of Hispanic heritage. Yet if there were a Latino speaker on the docket, he or she would tell you that … [Read more...]

We Must All Be Responsible for Educating African-American Students

I am a black female with four degrees, including a Doctorate of Education and Masters of Public Administration. I coached basketball for 18 years at many fine collegiate institutions and have experienced many things in my life. The blessings that surround my life have been numerous, indeed, but I would not be the leader I am today without the strength and guidance of two women who understood the value of what they didn't have.My grandmother only had about an eighth-grade education. My mom … [Read more...]

A New Year, a New Call to Education Equality

[Guest Post by Leticia Reyes]My daughter says I'm a poster child for lifelong learning. She may be right.Not only did I homeschool most of our children (They later attended a Christian and public school.), but these days, as a grandmother, I'm working on an EdD in Educational Leadership. There is still much to learn, so as 2016 begins, I am still committed to loving the Lord with all my mind.Education is important in our family (a value passed on by my mother), but that doesn't mean … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Christians Can Celebrate the ‘Every Student Succeeds Act’

By Dr. Andrea Ramirez, Executive Director, Faith and Education CoalitionThis month the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly approved the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), a bipartisan bill designed to course-correct past attempts to fix our educational system. While the Act is far from perfect, those who care deeply about education equity and biblical justice have much to celebrate.Designed as part of a repeal-and-replace effort directed at No Child Left Behind (NCLB), the 2001 law from which 43 … [Read more...]

Sanchez awarded for lifetime of global impact

Southwestern Professor of Missions Daniel Sanchez has served in numerous positions in the field of missions and academia, from missionary in Guatemala to evangelism director of the Baptist Convention of New York; from academic dean at Panama Baptist Theological Seminary to director of Southwestern Seminary’s Scarborough Institute for Church Growth. In addition, he has traveled to various countries around the world to teach in seminaries and local churches, devoting special attention to those in L … [Read more...]

Deal faithfully, not fearfully, with immigrants

By Rev. Samuel Rodriguez Words matter. That is as clear in our daily discourse as it is in the Bible. To paraphrase Proverbs, with our words we can speak life or death. Today, some of our would-be political leaders are not speaking words of life when it comes to immigrants and immigration. Their rhetoric fits the description of anti-Christian and anti-conservative, even anti-American, in that it runs counter to the values that form the bedrock of our nation.We must recognize the … [Read more...]

The Dehumanization of the Hispanic Community and its Consequences

[Guest post by Yuri Mantilla, Ph.D., Board Member NHCLC, Associate Professor of Law, Liberty University School of Law] A fundamental problem with the nativist narrative that it is becoming prevalent in the public discourse of some political candidates is the dehumanization of the Hispanic community and its consequences. In this case, I am thinking about the consequences for American citizens of Hispanic origin, either born in the USA or naturalized citizens, and permanent legal residents. When … [Read more...]

Education Sunday: Worshiping the Lord With Our Minds

[Guest post by Dr. Andrea Ramirez, Executive Director of the Faith and Education Coalition]I am the mom of two young daughters, and education is rarely far from my mind. I'm a product of both public and private school. My mom homeschooled my brothers, and my husband and I are a founding family for a public charter school. It is no secret: Our family loves education.On September 6, we'll celebrate Education Sunday alongside thousands of other Evangelicals who care about the intersection o … [Read more...]