Military Families Get Short-Changed in Education: They Deserve Better

BY DR. GUS REYES , CP GUEST CONTRIBUTOR July 1, 2015 | 8:27 amAt seven years old, I learned about the harsh realities of the world. Due to racial prejudice my parents moved the family from South Texas to California. It was difficult leaving family, friends, and a school where I excelled academically. After attending the final months of first grade, my parents were told that I was lacking in educational fundamentals, was not ready to move on to second grade, and would have a difficult repeat … [Read more...]

NHCLC Announces Dr. Andrea R. Ramirez as Executive Director of Faith and Education Coalition

Ramirez to Guide Education Initiatives including Hispanic Education Sunday, Raising the Standards, and Faith & Education Coalition SACRAMENTO, Calif., June12, 2015 - The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC/Conel) has appointed Dr. Andrea R. Ramirez as Executive Director of the Faith & Education Coalition. Dr. Ramirez will oversee key education initiatives for the NHCLC including their annual Education Sunday, the Raising the Standards project, and t … [Read more...]

Closing the Honesty Gap in Education for Hispanic Students

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 4, 2015 /Christian Post/By Rev. Samuel Rodriguez -- Honesty cannot be optional for a strong and free society. The truth sets us free, as we pastors remind our congregations, and this is true for public life as well as private souls. Nowhere is honesty needed more today than in the discussion of justice and equity for students in public schools. There is an assumption that if our children work hard every year in school and master all of the skills expected of him or her, … [Read more...]

BioLogos: Rooted in Scripture and Animated by Science

I remember first hearing about BioLogos at the AAC&U National Conference in Washington, DC in 2010. In truth, I was surprised to meet evangelical Christians at this noted academic conference, which generally featured presentations far removed—geographically and philosophically—from the pews and pulpits of our nation. BioLogos has continued to surprise me ever since.First headed by noted and respected scientist and author Francis Collins, the group has placed itself squarely in the middle … [Read more...]

The Fault In Our Stars by Ruth Moon, feat. Samuel Rodriguez

To a visitor at Mars Hill Church’s Bellevue, Washington, campus, the church service looks much the same as it has for months, as churchgoers stream into the historic theater building that houses the church. The name is gone, though, changed to “Doxa Church,” and Pastor Mark—as church members and staffers call Mark Driscoll—is not there. And he will not be coming back: The pastor who grew Mars Hill Church to a more than 12,000-attendee multisite megachurch resigned Oct. 14 after a year in which h … [Read more...]

Hispanic Evangelicals Could Determine GOP Presidential Nominee by Rev Samuel Rodriguez

 The next presidential election cycle, which already is beginning to take shape, will be a decisive moment for voters to reaffirm our country’s devotion to the Biblical values that make the United States strong. The Hispanic faith community particularly has made clear it will support leaders who share their commitment to reforms that align with the Word of God and respect the dignity of all His people. To be sure, Latinos will play a decisive role in the next election. A r … [Read more...]

Education Reform Possible

As a lifetime educator, one of my many prayers for 2015 is that people of faith in America will more fully engage in public education and turn the public conversation about high education standards away from political wrangling to focus on improving educational outcomes for all. Lost in 2014’s criticism of what became known as “Common Core” was that normed, higher standards are already working, and that they hold promise for a brighter educational future for all of God’s childre … [Read more...]

Bridging the Church-School Divide

This year, for the first time ever, white students are not the majority in U.S. public schools. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, minority students, when added together, make up a new majority in K-12 schools. The shift is largely fueled by growth in the number of Hispanic children. What are the educational implications of this new American reality?For one, it looks as if we must make more drastic changes if we are going to meet President Obama’s goals for his “ … [Read more...]