Sanchez awarded for lifetime of global impact

Southwestern Professor of Missions Daniel Sanchez has served in numerous positions in the field of missions and academia, from missionary in Guatemala to evangelism director of the Baptist Convention of New York; from academic dean at Panama Baptist Theological Seminary to director of Southwestern Seminary’s Scarborough Institute for Church Growth. In addition, he has traveled to various countries around the world to teach in seminaries and local churches, devoting special attention to those in L … [Read more...]

The Dehumanization of the Hispanic Community and its Consequences

[Guest post by Yuri Mantilla, Ph.D., Board Member NHCLC, Associate Professor of Law, Liberty University School of Law] A fundamental problem with the nativist narrative that it is becoming prevalent in the public discourse of some political candidates is the dehumanization of the Hispanic community and its consequences. In this case, I am thinking about the consequences for American citizens of Hispanic origin, either born in the USA or naturalized citizens, and permanent legal residents. When … [Read more...]

Loving the Lord with all Your Mind

[Report by Maira Alejandra]Hispanic churches across the United States are making sure students are ready for the new school year. They’re celebrating “Education Sunday” on Sept. 6. The annual event, hosted by the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, takes place the first Sunday of September to encourage churches to play an active role in the education of the students in their congregations and communities. On Sept. 6, churches will pray for students and faculty and encourage m … [Read more...]

Hispanic Evangelicals Coast-to-Coast Share Single Focus On Education Sunday: ‘Love the Lord With All Our Minds’

WASHINGTON, Sept. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC/CONEL), the nation's leading organization for 16 million Hispanic American Evangelicals, celebrates its annual Education Sunday on September 6, 2015. The NHCLC invites churches across the nation to pray for and support the students in their congregations and communities, including those in home, private and public schools. Education Sunday equips parents to take an active role in th … [Read more...]

Education Can Build Our Faith

Our earthly assignments are connected to our eternal purpose. It is with this understanding that I wrote this piece about the clear nexus of our faith in Christ and education. We invite the Lord to help us to see how we can truly build our faith muscle through our educational journey. I hope this read encourages and inspires you to seek the Lord as you pursue your own educational path. [Andrea Reyes Ramirez, PhD, Executive Director of the Faith and Education Coalition-NHCLC]I am the … [Read more...]

NHCLC Announces Dr. Andrea R. Ramirez as Executive Director of Faith and Education Coalition

Ramirez to Guide Education Initiatives including Hispanic Education Sunday, Raising the Standards, and Faith & Education Coalition SACRAMENTO, Calif., June12, 2015 - The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC/Conel) has appointed Dr. Andrea R. Ramirez as Executive Director of the Faith & Education Coalition. Dr. Ramirez will oversee key education initiatives for the NHCLC including their annual Education Sunday, the Raising the Standards project, and t … [Read more...]

Closing the Honesty Gap in Education for Hispanic Students

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 4, 2015 /Christian Post/By Rev. Samuel Rodriguez -- Honesty cannot be optional for a strong and free society. The truth sets us free, as we pastors remind our congregations, and this is true for public life as well as private souls. Nowhere is honesty needed more today than in the discussion of justice and equity for students in public schools. There is an assumption that if our children work hard every year in school and master all of the skills expected of him or her, … [Read more...]

BioLogos: Rooted in Scripture and Animated by Science

I remember first hearing about BioLogos at the AAC&U National Conference in Washington, DC in 2010. In truth, I was surprised to meet evangelical Christians at this noted academic conference, which generally featured presentations far removed—geographically and philosophically—from the pews and pulpits of our nation. BioLogos has continued to surprise me ever since.First headed by noted and respected scientist and author Francis Collins, the group has placed itself squarely in the middle … [Read more...]