NHCLC Announces New Board Members, Executive Council Member: Education Team Members Expand Their Leadership Roles

SACRAMENTO, Calif., November 8, 2016 – The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC/CONEL) has tapped several education team members to join the NHCLC Board or Executive Council. The new Board appointees include Dr. Andrea Ramirez, Dr. Antipas Harris and Esmeralda Sanchez. Joining the Executive Council is Yvette Santana who will specialize in outreach to women. All four appointees have a long history of service within the NHCLC’s Faith and Education Coalition which advocates for higher education standards and outcomes for Latino students. “We are... Read more

NHCLC Announces Girien Salazar as Deputy Director of Faith and Education Coalition

SACRAMENTO, Calif., October 31, 2016 – The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC/CONEL) has appointed Girien Salazar as Deputy Director of the Faith & Education Coalition. Mr. Salazar will assist Executive Director Dr. Andrea Ramirez in strategically advancing Faith & Education Coalition initiatives such as the Raising the Standards campaign and key partnerships. Esmeralda Sanchez, who previously held the Deputy Director position, has begun a PhD program at Rice University and will serve on the NHCLC board. “We were excited... Read more

Education Sunday: Churches Gear Up for Back-to-School Encouragement

Education Sunday: Churches Gear Up for Back-to-School Encouragement As students head back to school, one national organization wants churches to get involved by celebrating Education Sunday, Sept. 4.

National Education Sunday To Be Celebrated September 4, 2016

Thousands of Evangelical Congregations Will Encourage and Pray for Students, Teachers SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC/CONEL), the nation’s leading organization for 16 million Hispanic American Evangelicals, invites churches across the nation to celebrate Education Sunday on September 4, 2016. Thousands of churches have set aside time on the first Sunday of September to pray for and encourage students and teachers in their communities, including those in home, private and public schools.... Read more

One Place Where Christians Should Begin Nurturing Racial Justice

Jesus held children dear to his heart. The Faith and Education Coalition believes that we as Christians are required to do no less, especially since we as adults continue to reveal the existing racial division and tension . Where can we begin to end the division and ease the tension that seek to tear our communities apart? It begins with our children. Dr. Andrea Ramirez and Nicole Baker Fulgham share their thoughts. [Girien Salazar, Deputy Director of the Faith and... Read more

Rev. Rodriguez: Education in the United States is still not equitable for minority students

Dear Editor: I was heartened to see Juan Williams’ column “The Scandal of K-12 Education” bring prominence to what we on the ground know about education: it is not equitable across our nation if you are a minority student. It saddens me to read that Hispanic fourth graders in Alabama are reading two grade levels below their Hispanic peers in Florida. We know that a fourth grader’s reading level is a key indicator of whether a student will graduate from high school.... Read more

Rev. Rodriguez Responds to GOP Platform

The Honorable Paul D. Ryan Speaker U.S. House of Representatives Washington, D.C. 20515 Dear Chairman Ryan: On the eve of the 2016 Republican National Committee convention, as the eyes of the nation turn to Cleveland, I want to formally offer you a small but very important piece of unsolicited counsel on behalf of the 40,000-church network that comprises the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Council (NHCLC), the nation’s largest Hispanic evangelical organization. Tens of thousands of Latino evangelicals next week will... Read more

Trump’s meeting with CA Latino evangelicals – the aftermath

The Rev. Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Leadership Conference takes ‘On the Record’ inside his organization’s meeting with the 2016 presumptive GOP nominee: http://video.foxnews.com/v/4908339738001/trumps-meeting-with-ca-latino-evangelicals—the-aftermath/?playlist_id=930909814001#sp=show-clips

Florida’s Hispanics Plea for Equity in Education

Guest Post by Joel Ceballo Florida’s Hispanic population has surged over the last 30 years, becoming an integral part of the state’s economy and political arena. Now we need to turn our focus to education to ensure Latino children are held to rigorous academic expectations that put them on an early path towards success. As a board member of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and member of the Leadership Advisory Council for the Faith and Education Coalition (NHCLC), I... Read more

Supporting Education for All God’s Children/Apoyando la Educación Para Todos los Hijos de Dios

All children are a gift from God, and some children require an extra amount of special attention in their educational journey. Children with disabilities are often given specially designed educational programs that accommodate for their unique challenges while at the same time stimulate social, physical, and mental growth. In this interview, Rigo Mendez shares the insights he has gained throughout his years working closely with students with developmental delays. [Girien Salazar, Deputy Director of the Faith and Education Coalition-NHCLC] Dr.... Read more