You may have a nativity set in your home, but do you know these six insights from Christmas? Many of our views of the first Christmas originate from culture more than Scripture. Here are four details we often miss in our retelling of the birth of Jesus. Insight 1: Jesus Was Not Born in 1 A.D. The early church attempted to create a calendar based on the date of birth of Christ. Time prior to his birth was to be… Read more

Yesterday the United Nations voted to declare America’s support of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital “null and void.” The overwhelming 128-9 vote strongly showed the bias of UN leaders, leading to the question, “Why does the United Nations oppose Israel?” Politically, much is at stake. Arab nations and those influenced by them stand against legal recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Instead, Arab nations seek a Palestinian nation in which Jerusalem (or at least part of it) serves as its capital…. Read more

A new Pew Research Center survey notes the number of Christians and religious “nones” who believe in the virgin birth of Jesus has decreased significantly since 2014. Two-thirds (66%) say Jesus was born to a virgin, compared with 73% who said this in 2014. Among 18-29-year-olds, only 54% agreed. In other words, only about half of American young adults believe Jesus was born of a virgin. A review is in order. The Origin of the Virgin Birth The first note alluding… Read more

News outlets have recently reported the discovery of parts of the New Testament city of Corinth in a now underwater area of the Lechaion harbor. Research by the Calsberg Foundation notes many of the academic details associated with the find. A report in notes, “The Romans destroyed Corinth in 146 BC while conquering Greece, and Julius Caesar rebuilt the city and its harbours in 44 BC. The port was hit by an earthquake around the early 7th century AD,… Read more

Can we celebrate Christmas without Christ? Many Americans apparently do. Read more

Have translators really been wrong all these years? Read more

Last night, my family took time to discuss the Christmas accounts from Matthew and Luke with our nativity set. I loved the interaction, but was also reminded of some Christmas extras often added to the biblical account. At least five Christmas myths have been added. 1. Mary Riding a Donkey to Bethlehem Nearly every video or church production portrays a pregnant Mary riding a donkey into Bethlehem. While possible, this detail is not included in Matthew or Luke’s accounts of… Read more

What strikes me as a writer focused on Scripture is the enduring attention received by Jerusalem over the past 3,000 years. Read more

Many news outlets have reported over the past week regarding scientific tests conducted at the traditional tomb of Jesus. National Geographic reported construction materials from the tomb date to the Roman era. Further, limestone tested at the site reveals remnants of a tomb from 1,700 years ago. This limestone dates to the fourth century, a time when Romans enshrined this area in reverence of the site as the traditional location of the tomb of Jesus. What does this information mean?… Read more

In 2013 I completed a handwritten copy of the Bible. The process took 899 days and filled 12 three-ring binders. Here are some ways life has changed since. Read more

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