2 Chronicles 27: Steadfast

Jotham grew powerful because he walked steadfastly before the Lord his God. -2 Chronicles 27:6 Jotham’s father and grandfather were both kings and men who followed the Lord. Yet these reasons are not listed as sufficient explanation for his success. Jotham grew powerful becuase he walked faithfully before the Lord. We often think those with godly parents are at a greater advantage. In some ways this is true, but a godly parent is no substitute for personally living for God…. Read more

2 Chronicles 26: Learning to Seek God

He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, just as his father Amaziah had done. 5 He sought God during the days of Zechariah, who instructed him in the fear of God. As long as he sought the Lord, God gave him success. -2 Chronicles 26:4-5 Uzziah had success because of one reason–he sought the Lord. Twice in his introduction we are told he “sought” God. How did he learn to seek God? Two answers are found in… Read more

2 Chronicles 25: Overthrow

“God has the power to help or to overthrow.” -2 Chronicles 25:8 Movie makers strategically plan to hit the Top 10 at the weekend box office. So do many publishers. Sports franchises target championships. Companies target sales goals. What determines whether someone is victorious or not? We tend to think our human efforts make the difference. While we can influence much through our actions, any large effort requires a team of people. Others, realizing this, seek to work through teams… Read more

2 Chronicles 24: Blessings

Then the Spirit of God came on Zechariah son of Jehoiada the priest. He stood before the people and said, “This is what God says: ‘Why do you disobey the Lord’s commands? You will not prosper. Because you have forsaken the Lord, he has forsaken you.’” -2 Chronicles 24:20 Scripture reveals a direct link between obedience and blessing. In the Old Testament, God promised certain earthly blessings to the people of Israel when they obeyed and curses for when they… Read more

2 Chronicles 23: A Covenant with the King

“The whole assembly made a covenant with the king at the temple of God.” -2 Chronicles 23:3 In his seventh year of hiding, the last descendant emerged to take his seat at king. To do so, leaders were gathered in an act of military might. As part of this commitment, we are told the whole assembly made a covenant with the king at the temple of God. Why was this important? This act was similar to our nation’s secret service…. Read more

2 Chronicles 22: He Sought the Lord with All His Heart

He then went in search of Ahaziah, and his men captured him while he was hiding in Samaria. He was brought to Jehu and put to death. They buried him, for they said, “He was a son of Jehoshaphat, who sought the Lord with all his heart.” -2 Chronicles 22:9 Jehoshaphat’s legacy of faith in God was so well known that his son was given a proper burial as a result. In a time when wickedness prevailed, the people remembered… Read more

2 Chronicles 21: God Is Faithful to His Promises

“Nevertheless, because of the covenant the Lord had made with David, the Lord was not willing to destroy the house of David.” -2 Chronicles 21:7 Despite the sin of David’s descendants, God refused to reject them completely. While we who read the words of Scripture wonder why God would not wipe out wicked kings and start again, God offers a beautiful picture of grace in action through his faithfulness to his promises. Still today, we discover this important truth–God loves… Read more

2 Chronicles 20: When Even Enemies Fear God

“The fear of God came on all the surrounding kingdoms when they heard how the Lord had fought against the enemies of Israel.” -2 Chronicles 20:29 Did you know the fear of God can come upon those who do not follow the Lord? When Judah sought the Lord in their time of need, God answered with a miraculous victory. As a result, their enemies, those who followed other gods, feared the Lord. What relevance does this have to our lives… Read more

2 Chronicles 19: Truly Serving the Lord

He gave them these orders: “You must serve faithfully and wholeheartedly in the fear of the Lord.” -2 Chronicles 19:9 Serving God is rarely easy. As verse nine illustrates, it includes three key elements. First, serving God must include faithfulness. We are not called to success, but to endurance. Second, we are to serve wholeheartedly. Serving the Lord is a one hundred percent commitment. Sunday worship is not enough. Neither is daily prayer. Instead, we are calling to twenty-four-seven allegiance…. Read more

2 Chronicles 18: The Counsel of the Lord

But Jehoshaphat also said to the king of Israel, “First seek the counsel of the Lord.” -2 Chronicles 18:4 In a time when two kings were choosing whether to go into war together against a common enemy, one king paused. Why? He sought to “First seek the counsel of the Lord.” Interestingly, this was not enough. Two problems occurred. First, there was the problem of which voice to listen to. The prophets agreed to the war, yet Jehoshaphat knew they… Read more

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