Made Easier If You Homeschool

I just finished my series, “Traveling With Children.”

I told you about the first post awhile back.  But if you missed it, you can read it here.

After that, you can read about any of my Top Ten Tips for Traveling With Children:

  1. Stay somewhere with a pool.
  2. Maintain both a home base and at least a few of your rituals from home.
  3. Remember that your kids will be just as wonderful and rotten as they are at home.  So will you.
  4. Go with a purpose.
  5. Your kids won’t give a hoot about your purpose.
  6. Do less.  Of everything. Except sleep.
  7. Make a scrapbook.
  8. Make friends with a local.
  9. Leave the technology at home.
  10. “Roll with it.”

You’ll probably notice that I end each of the ten posts with the refrain, “And that’s true, whether or not you are traveling.”  It turns out that works when you are traveling, works when you are at home.  It’s just that in the busyness of life at home, it’s often harder to see what makes for a sane family life.

That’s one thing that travel and homeschooling have in common.  They afford you the time and space to reflect on what you value, and the time and space to put those values into practice.  If I had written these posts for the Homeschool Chronicles (rather than for What She Said), I might have ended them, “That’s true whether or not you are traveling. (And probably made easier if you homeschool.)”

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