Playing It Safe: Attachment to Security (Part 4 of 4)

The world does have many dangers in it. Every day, people get into terrible accidents, experience violent crimes, and contract horrible diseases. War is practically never ending on the planet, and natural disasters can strike at any time. Yet, compared to how many previous generations of humans lived, most of us lead relatively safe lives; [Read More…]

The Need to Get Your Way: The Attachment to Control (Part 3 of 4)

Like attachment to recognition, attachment to control begins early in life. When a young child throws a tantrum, he or she is demonstrating this natural impulse in its unadulterated form. The child wants something—maybe a new toy or to do something fun—but the adults are not cooperating. So, the child cries and screams, and maybe [Read More…]

Grasping for Specialness: Attachment to Recognition (2 of 4)

Of the three forms of attachment, the attachment to recognition may be the one we experience the most from the youngest age. From the time we first became aware of ourselves as separate individuals, when we were still just toddlers, we hoped that other people would notice us and give us attention. “Hey, look at [Read More…]

Compassionate Non-Attachment: How to Care Without Becoming Attached to Results (Part 1 of 4)

You’ll notice that the discussions on Patheos these days reflect the fact that people have a lot of concerns about the world. They are worried about the latest political trends as people become polarized on the left and right. They are worried about global affairs as worldviews clash in a more connected, interdependent world. They [Read More…]

What Would Enlightened Education Look Like?

Education as we know it today has done many great things for the world. Any country that has focused on building a modern, high-quality education system has benefitted. These systems create populations that are more skilled, which in turn create economies that is more vigorous and competitive in the global marketplace. In terms of material [Read More…]

Calligraphy as Energy Dance

In my lectures, I sometimes demonstrate my calligraphy, creating a brush and ink piece on the spot, or I have some of my calligraphic work on display for participants to see. As with the music I present during lectures, I do not do so because I am a virtuoso or a highly-trained master of technique. [Read More…]

The Art of Mindful Eating

Eating is one of the most natural things you do every day. It is something everyone must do, since it is essential to sustaining life. For most of human history, people struggled to find enough to eat every day, but now most people in developed societies have more than enough. You’d think that would be [Read More…]

Five Tips for Transmuting Failure into Growth

Failure is part of life. From the time we are toddlers, stumbling in our first attempts to walk, until our last days on earth, we will all experience failure. In fact, there is no way to succeed or to grow in any way without failure. It is simply part of the learning process. A painter [Read More…]

How to Have a Visionary Mindset

When I was a young person, I didn’t seem like the type who would make much of his life. I struggled in school, and for a long time, I didn’t really know which way to go in life. Then, something changed radically. After having felt hopeless for a long time, I threw my whole self [Read More…]

6 Tips for Developing Emotional Maturity

Everyone seems to want a big IQ, but there’s something else that’s far more important: EQ. EQ stands for Emotional Quotient, the level of emotional intelligence possessed by an individual. It’s more important than IQ because it has more effect on the quality of our lives than any other kind of skill, knowledge, or talent. [Read More…]