Five Foundations of Life Mastery

What does it mean to you to be a master of something? Maybe you think of being excellent in some craft or skill, or maybe you imagine someone who oversees others in a working relationship. When people call someone a “master,” usually they are referring to some level of status achieved in the world – [Read More…]

If You Can’t Sit Still, Try This Moving Meditation

In my previous Patheos blog, I discussed the fourth step of my Brain Education method, which is called Brain Integrating. As you may remember, it’s all about getting the various layers and hemispheres of the brain working together. Like all the Brain Education steps, there are hundreds of exercises, from hand coordination games to energy [Read More…]

Becoming Whole: How to Use Your Brain to Strengthen Your Integrity

When people use the word integrity, they usually mean “being true to one’s moral principles.” This is certainly an important kind of integrity, but there is a second meaning of the word integrity: “the state of being whole or undivided.” You could say that “wholeness” is a kind of integrity one shows to oneself. And [Read More…]

Four Easy Ways to Refresh Your Brain for Emotional Maturity

In my previous blog post, I summarized the skills required to master the third step of my Brain Education method, called Brain Refreshing. This step is all about gaining emotional intelligence, the ability to manage your emotions in a way that makes them an asset, not a liability. I presented three basic skills that are [Read More…]

Refresh Your Brain to Clear a Path to Your Highest Potential

Have you ever thought about how important emotions are for creating your quality of life? They are so important that they are your quality of life. Emotions make the difference between what we call a “good day” and what we call a “bad day.” Good days are full of smiles and laughter, while bad days [Read More…]

Four Fun Exercises to Versatilize Your Brain

If you’ve ever watched a gymnastics competition, you might have asked yourself, “How do they get so flexible?” The answer is simple really—practice, practice, practice. Yes, they may be born with certain talents, but no gymnast ever got into top form without lots of practice. To gain greater flexibility, gymnastics coaches push their trainees further [Read More…]

Versatilize Your Brain for Better Habits and Greater Creativity

The second step of my Brain Education (BE) method is all about flexibility. In terms of fitness, we usually think about our muscles, tendons, and joints when we think of flexibility, but there is another kind of flexibility that I believe is even more important—flexibility of the brain. The brain is a marvelous organ because, [Read More…]

3 Brain Sensitizing Exercises that Help Your Body Relax and Return to Balance

Opening to Subtle Energy In my previous blog post, I introduced you to the basic tenants of Brain Sensitizing, the first step of Brain Education. As you may recall, appreciation of the brain, opening of the senses, and fundamentals of energy are emphasized in this step. Although it’s best to study with an instructor to [Read More…]

Sensitize Your Brain for Better Health, Less Stress, and More Energy

Like so many other practices, the early teachings of Brain Education form the foundation of what is to come. Step 1 of Brain Education, called Sensitizing, is about the fundamentals—better health, less stress, and more energy. And, it is about discovering the value and potential of your brain. Without these things, the next steps are [Read More…]

5 Steps to a Focused, Creative, and Benevolent Brain

  On this blog, I have often mentioned a training method I created called Brain Education. Since I reference it so often, I thought it was about time to explain it in more detail. In this post, I will provide an overview of what Brain Education is all about, and in subsequent posts, I will [Read More…]