Finding the Song of Your Soul

Who am I? What is my real purpose? These questions represent everyone’s basic yearning to reunite and become one with his or her True Self. Answering these questions with simple sentences always falls short, though, because there is something ineffable and intangible about our True Self. Our language structures are part of this world, stuck [Read More…]

Expanding the Meaning of Earth Day: Celebrating Our Earth Citizen Identity

Imagine if this sci-fi scenario were true: Unfriendly aliens come and deplete our resources and threaten to destroy our world. Their armies are bigger than any in our world, and their technology is more advanced. What do we do? All of humanity would have no choice but to band together as one people to face [Read More…]

Aging with True Grace

People sometimes comment that an admirable older person is “aging gracefully.” Sometimes that means that they look attractive for their age, and other times it means that they have a good attitude about life, despite getting older. Our society puts a lot of emphasis on creating the former—looking young and attractive for as long as [Read More…]

Timeless Life Lessons We Can Learn from Nature

Deciding how to live in the world can be difficult. The people around us present a lot of differing viewpoints, cultural traditions, and moral standards, leaving us to ask ourselves, “What is really right? How do I know the best path for me?” I say that you don’t really need to worry about what others [Read More…]

Creating a 21-Day Miracle Plan for Habit Mastery

All of us develop bad habits of some kind or another during our lifetimes. Often, when we wish to change those habits, we find it difficult, even when the habit is something simple, like spending too much time surfing the Internet or going to bed too late. When little things like this start having negative [Read More…]

Five Foundations of Life Mastery

What does it mean to you to be a master of something? Maybe you think of being excellent in some craft or skill, or maybe you imagine someone who oversees others in a working relationship. When people call someone a “master,” usually they are referring to some level of status achieved in the world – [Read More…]

If You Can’t Sit Still, Try This Moving Meditation

In my previous Patheos blog, I discussed the fourth step of my Brain Education method, which is called Brain Integrating. As you may remember, it’s all about getting the various layers and hemispheres of the brain working together. Like all the Brain Education steps, there are hundreds of exercises, from hand coordination games to energy [Read More…]

Becoming Whole: How to Use Your Brain to Strengthen Your Integrity

When people use the word integrity, they usually mean “being true to one’s moral principles.” This is certainly an important kind of integrity, but there is a second meaning of the word integrity: “the state of being whole or undivided.” You could say that “wholeness” is a kind of integrity one shows to oneself. And [Read More…]

Four Easy Ways to Refresh Your Brain for Emotional Maturity

In my previous blog post, I summarized the skills required to master the third step of my Brain Education method, called Brain Refreshing. This step is all about gaining emotional intelligence, the ability to manage your emotions in a way that makes them an asset, not a liability. I presented three basic skills that are [Read More…]

Refresh Your Brain to Clear a Path to Your Highest Potential

Have you ever thought about how important emotions are for creating your quality of life? They are so important that they are your quality of life. Emotions make the difference between what we call a “good day” and what we call a “bad day.” Good days are full of smiles and laughter, while bad days [Read More…]