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As frequent readers will know, I frequently write on religious matters outside of Patheos, and I thought that some readers might here might like a weekly roundup of my writings elsewhere. (I will try to do this on Fridays, but last Friday I was sick like a dog.)If you want to follow all of my English-language writing as it happens, the best thing to do is to like my Facebook Page, and of course you should follow me on Twitter.Here we go:Hey, bosses: stop giving bonuses to your e … [Read more...]

The Window Into The New Atheist Mind

A recurrent theme in the whole simmering "New Atheist" controversy is the question of the impact of the moral worldview on civilizational flourishing; in other words, the historical question of whether Christianity (or "religion" in general) has been "good" for the world, and the speculative question of whether an irreligious world will be more, or less, morally enlightened.By a strange unwritten convention it seems that almost all these discussions always sidestep what seems to me an o … [Read more...]

Il est né…

It doesn't take me more than ten seconds to cry if I think about the Catholic Church.I cry with awe and stupefied joy that God has given us such an impossibly amazing gift, this great machine for redivinizing, recivilizing, the world, which produced all this architecture, art, knowledge, science, universities, saints, heroes, epics, poor houses, hospices, hospitals.One of my favorite Christmas hymns is the French classic "Il est né le divin enfant". The Church also produced this, and gene … [Read more...]

The Macabre Bleakness Of The Santa “Magic” Line

As you know (oh yeah! still beating that dead horse!) one of the most frequent arguments in favor of the Santa Lie--and one that drives me singularly batty--is the idea that the Santa Lie creates "whimsy" or "magic" in kids' life.Part of why it drives me batty is because it's so self-evidently absurd--kids get plenty of whimsy and magic out of regular old stories, but you never see kids playing at Santa, precisely because it hasn't been delivered as a story (which frees kids to play with it, … [Read more...]

Podcast on Penal Substitutionary Atonement

The nice guys at Mere Fidelity put up the podcast in which I was privileged to be invited to discuss the penal substitutionary theory of the atonement (which I oppose). I already wrote about this view here and (especially) here.Here's the podcast. … [Read more...]