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I’m feeling a little out of breath. I’m new to Patheos this week, which means I’m moving from my old blog spot. And while other people have done all the heavy lifting for this move (thanks, Deborah and Hillary!) I still feel like I’m in the middle of a literal re-location. I’m trying to bring with me not just my archives, but also followers, subscribers, and people who ‘like’ me on Facebook… In other words, it feels like i’m coming in with boxes of important stuff that needs to be organized. And if you keep reading my stuff, you will find that I am many things, but organized=not one of them. Let’s just say that my Pinterest board is full of food, dream vacations and urban cowgirl fashion, but nothing resembling an orderly craft room…

In addition to a handful of followers (mostly faithful friends and church folks) I’m bringing some other stuff to this new site, as well. I’m a pastor, a wife, and a mother, all roles that shape my faith and my writing voice. I’m bringing my sense of humor and a healthy bit of ‘irreverence’ for a calling that, deep down, i take very seriously. I’m bringing my Kentucky accent (which you can’t hear, but it’s there) as well as my Arizona desert spirituality. I’m bringing my love for music, literature, the outdoors, and yoga, not to mention good food and wine and coffee. And I’m bringing with me a deep and embodied sense of hope that, in spite of the cultural mass exodus from organized religion, people still truly seek the sacred in their daily lives, and want a deeper sense of connection with God and others. I’m grateful to be a part of that conversation.

For far too long, Christianity has been tied to its buildings and the baggage of its collective past; a destination club that, far too often, overlooks the joyful, sacred journey of every day living. I’m glad that more and more of us are finding ways to say, “enough! There are better ways…” I look forward to finding some of those ways together. Many have left the faith out of hurt, anger, and sheer boredom. Others never had it, never missed it, and never knew they had an invitation. Still others of us have grown up happily ensconced in Church world, but seek a fuller, deeper, more joyful language of faith, that includes far more peopleat the table. I place myself in the latter category, and that’s why I started writing to begin with.

For all who seek a safe place, a sacred space, and a broader view of the Holy Spirit moving through the world–welcome to the new home base! I’ll have the utilities turned on just any minute now, and pay no attention to those unopened boxes in the corner. I’ve unearthed the coffee maker and the corkscrew. The rest is just details…

Here’s to forwarding the good stuff. Read on.



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  • Ooh, I’m thrilled that you’re here! Consider this comment a blog-warming gift. 😉

    • Erin Wathen

      thank you thank you thank you! you are the first one in the door, so there should be some kind of prize for that. a door prize, maybe?

  • JimII

    “in the middle of a literal re-location.”

    It is more of a literary re-location.

    • Erin Wathen

      too true… or would that be a literary movement?

  • revdave

    Still reading!

    • Erin Wathen


  • Hope I can follow you and remember to stay in touch! Best wishes. dw

    • Erin Wathen

      Diane, you can subscribe here to keep getting new posts in your inbox. Look up there on the right, about middle of the page…

  • Carl Keith Greene

    Good work, Erin.
    Ashes at the London First United Methodist Wednesday.
    (Methodist now, not Catholic. Don’t ask, too much.)

    • Erin Wathen

      I won’t ask. i can pretty much imagine…thanks for reading!

  • This is both exciting and sad to me…exciting because, well, hello awesome network, and it’s great that you’re here! Sad because patheos blogs are excerpted in google reader, which then *requires* clicking through, which creates a pop-up ad (grr) and is frustrating when reading on my phone. But I’m following anyway–you’re worth the effort! 🙂

    • Erin Wathen

      thanks for reading, teri. i’ll see if i can find out how to by-pass all the drama to read from a device. is there maybe a patheos app?

    • Hi Teri! Thanks for the helpful feedback … we are indeed working fast & furiously on an app for mobile devices that will take care of that problem … thanks for your patience, and for continuing to follow your favorite Patheos bloggers. We’re grateful for you!

  • Don Long

    I’m looking forward to reading your blogs at this new site.

  • Rob Shrader

    Erin, I don’t care where your blog is hosted I will follow. You are not only a colleague and friend that I am very proud to claim, you are also one the most inspiring and honest voices in the theological conversation today. I always look forward to your pieces and am blessed by them every time. Thank you for your hardwork, friend. Living in my own version of “the wilderness” your voice has helped in many ways. Keep it up!

    • Erin Wathen

      thanks, man. glad to have been some help, even from afar.

  • Judy MacKeigan

    As one of your grateful followers from Ohio I agree with Rob Shrader’s comment on your honest and inspiring theological musings. I will subscribe to the new site so I don’t miss a post, as will my daughter since I introduced her to your blog. We look forward to your words of wit and wisdom!

    • Erin Wathen

      thanks, judy. i’ve enjoyed getting to ‘know’ my far-away partners in ministry

  • Fun. Look forward to reading your posts!

    • Erin Wathen

      thanks, lana. glad you found me.

  • Karen Pitt

    I am so excited to find your blog! I am also a CC(DOC) pastor (currently serving as a Chaplain). I have been lamenting the lack of progressive Christian voices in the converstions about our world today. I am “signing up” for your blog, and I wish you the best!

    • Erin Wathen

      welcome! and thanks for reading. it’s good to hear from you.

  • Just found your blog. Love your posts and feel connected to all of your topics — faith, desert, mommying, working — all of it. Thanks for writing!

    • Erin Wathen

      welcome! thanks for reading. i look forward to connecting more. are you in the valley?