A Good Week For Progress: Baby Panda Edition

I need a break. A week off.Not from work. Not even from writing in general. But from the Presidential campaign. Have mercy, it is gross out there. I keep trying to write about something else, but every single day, HeWhoMustNotBeNamed says something else that is so WTF-worthy, I just can't look away.No more! That business is not the boss of me. It's not the boss of you, either. Breathe deep. There's still life happening out there, outside of the pundits on your t.v. screen and the "latest … [Read more...]

The Unfriend Trend: Why You Should Stop Ditching All the Trump Supporters

Maybe Jerry Falwell, Jr was right. Donald Trump IS, in fact, like Jesus Christ. At least, in one major way.  He has come to set father against son, mother against daughter, and mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law. In many cases, our enemies are members of our own household." Further, nation shall rise up against nation. He comes not to bring peace, but a sword. Dear Mr. Trump--I do not think that means what you think it means.But he's beside the point. Sort of. Fact is, this whole c … [Read more...]

The Trump Rally is the New Klan Rally

I wasn't going to write about him today. I swear. We need a break from observing the gruesome underbelly of America's blackened soul (as I have come to think of his whole campaign). I had a post about church growth trends all perking in my head and it was ready to roll.But damn. Are you watching this? Have you seen what is happening? The Trump Rally is the new Klan rally. It's official. America has lost it's damn mind. I  mean, we knew, right? We knew this is what he was about, in some n … [Read more...]

The Willful Ignorance of Privilege: from Oscar to Trump

His performance was met with broadly divergent sorts of reviews... But Chris Rock did some truth-telling at the Oscars last night re: the racism of Hollywood. Was it funny? You bet. Was it always in great taste? Not especially. But good humor rarely is--and neither is prophetic wisdom. Sit with that one for a minute.I will admit, my attention was in and out. I watched the opening monologue, then put kids to bed. Then watched a few minutes and loaded the dishwasher... Then half-watched the s … [Read more...]

Dear Millennials: I Don’t Care If You Come to Church

Hey, Millennials. Listen. I no longer care if you come to church or not. I know we’ve been sweating you for a decade--ever since we realized that you really were so over the moral posturing, the monotonous praise tunes, and the coffee in unsustainable styrofoam cups. I know we've begged you to come back, tried to lure you with pizza and edgy panel discussions; we've stayed up nights wondering WHY you don't love us anymore; we've conducted expensive studies trying to win you back.But that's al … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget Me: Compassion in Action

It can be confusing... The Week of Compassion is both an organization, AND an actual week of the year. This week, to be exact. WoC is the humanitarian aid ministry of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ. And while they do work all year long-- and our congregations support this shared ministry in every season-- this is the time when we celebrate, emphasize, and generally beat the drum for this important mission. So today we have the gift of a guest post from Vy Nguyen, Week of Compassion's … [Read more...]

Conservatives Worried About Trump…For All the Wrong Reasons

Here's the good news. And the bad news. Conservative evangelicals are getting nervous about Donald Trump.It's good news because they SHOULD be nervous. This whole thing is bananas. Frighteningly absurd, brown and mushy bananas.The bad news: the only reason they're worried is they think he might be a closet liberal. I just...I don't... I can't even... WHAT?? Do they know what liberal MEANS? Have they met us? What brand of progress are they mistaking for Trump's mind-melting … [Read more...]

On Making America Great Again

It is early days. A long road stretches out between here and November. I know the campaign crazy is bound to get worse before it gets better. But I am already shying away from the t.v. during debates and town halls. I am already flipping away from NPR when I hear certain voices, and scanning past certain things in my newsfeed. It throws me into fits of anxiety and/or despair, not necessarily in that order; the fear-mongering, mis-information and downright hatred that has risen to the top to … [Read more...]

Die Laughing: It’s a Lent Thing

It's all heavy sometimes. Life. Ministry. Lent. Winter. An election year. All of it. Some days it is all just heavy.My heart is especially heavy as Lent begins this year, with sadness for a family that suffered a terrible loss last week. I let that heaviness settle into Ash Wednesday. I let it preach the sermon on Sunday. I am learning to sit with it in prayer; I am holding space for it, indefinitely.I am an Enneagram Seven (the cheerleader! the sales rep! Joy, from the InsideOut movie!) … [Read more...]