We hold these truths to be self-evident: that white people, as a rule, like for things to be pleasant. Admit it. We deeply value politeness in all things. We like for things to be orderly, mannerly, and–in a word–nice. This is what comes of privilege though. We live in a world built by us, and for us; a world in which systems and services always tilt in our favor. So we can afford to be polite. We don’t have to rock… Read more

“I’m not usually into award shows… but I watched every minute of the Golden Globes last night.” Variations of this sentiment spread widely across my newsfeed today, and I echo it. While I usually flip around or come and go during these things, last night was different. I was all in. I even (confession) sent my kids to be early, because they were distracting me from something that felt like a real-time revolution. From the opening monologue to the acceptance… Read more

As a rule, I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions. If you need to make a change in your life, just do it. You don’t need a calendar date to stop smoking, eat healthier, quit staging bank heists, etc. Whatever. You do you, but don’t wait for January to give you permission. That said… I will readily embrace the New Year as an invitation to simplify my life. Something about opening a brand new day planner that has not yet… Read more

Drive down a Missouri highway, and you will not be distracted by any scenic vistas. No dramatic mountain range, no lovely rolling hills, no lush forest or glistening coastline. It’s a good thing too, because if there was anything see in the way of landscape, your view would be utterly blocked by billboards. Miles and miles of billboards. If those billboards are to be believed, there are 5 things that the good citizens of Missouri care about. They are as… Read more

Y’all, I had the best of intentions this year. Got family pictures taken in early November–the first time in about 5 years I didn’t just use a summer vacation pic, or stick my kids under the tree in their reindeer jammies at the very last minute. Ordered my cards the week after Thanksgiving, when everything was on sale. Got my address list together. And… That box of cards and envelopes is sitting in my laundry room, on top of the… Read more

A lot of people are hating on Alabama, and the South in general lately. As the whole Roy Moore debacle unfolded, there’s been a refrain of “how can those people [read: ignorant/backwater/redneck/white trash] elect a sexual predator to public office??” As though Alabama was some foreign country that exists under its own set of values, apart from the rest of the union. As though “southern” culture [read: uneducated/poor/uber-religious] could emerge in a vacuum. Well, the good news is, they didn’t elect… Read more

Let’s be real: 90% of the Christmas music they play on the radio is garbage. I mean, I will always have a soft spot for all Mariah Carey wants for Christmas; for Springsteen bringing Santa Clause to town; for Whitney’s (and only Whitney’s!) asking if we hear what she hears. And of course, I’m down for anything involving Muppets and John Denver. Beyond that, it’s mostly remixed and remastered junk, you know? The original version of most anything is fine, but… Read more

Allow me a Grinch-y moment folks… I love Christmas, but some of the secular trappings of the season are just too dang precious for me. I have a long list of what those precious things are. I’ll not launch into it because some of those things are deeply meaningful to some, and I’ll not disparage what others hold as family tradition. And also, ’tis the season to not be bitchy. But let’s just say, if I avoid the mall and… Read more

It’s a good day for women. And, in general, it’s about time women had a good day around here. A couple of weeks ago, Trump took to his favorite social media venue to share that he was “probably” going to be chosen as Time Magazine’s person of the year, but had to turn it down… because, you know, all those pesky cameras. He does hate publicity. Anyway. Not only was he wrong, he was wrong in epic, ironic fashion. Because… Read more

So, happy Advent, everyone! What should we talk about today? The fact that the President just officially endorsed a pedophile for a major political office, AND backed up the endorsement with RNC funding? Or the news that he just took another swing at National Parks and Monuments, endangering sacred spaces and contributing to the overall destruction of the earth? December has a theme this year, and it is rage. I’m sure there will be some fresh outrage tomorrow. And probably… Read more

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