Some days, everything on the internet is garbage. Other days, Carpool Karaoke takes you to church. When Paul McCartney is the guest passenger, the second thing happens. It is absolutely worth 20 minutes of your life to watch the whole thing, especially the part around minute 16… They make a surprise appearance at a local bar. As the band starts playing, the curtains open, you get to watch the faces of these people–just chilling in their neighborhood pub–as they realize… Read more

First thoughts first: If the Trumps had even a few gay friends, they would never in life have let Melania leave the house in that abomination of a jacket. This is the gospel truth. Clearly, in addition to immigration lawyers, we also need to send some fashion police to the southern borders. Stat. Second — WTActualF? Why did ANY of her handlers let her wear it? Not just out of the house, but into the midst of a humanitarian crisis? Some… Read more

Guest post by Vy Nguyen Executive Director of Week of Compassion One day a year, every year, on June 20, communities around the world host World Refugee Day to draw attention to the millions of refugees and internally displaced persons worldwide who have been forced to flee their homes because of war, conflict and persecution. It is a day to bear witness to the global refugee crisis and to speak out for global change both in governments and in civic… Read more

Guest post by Sharice Davids Candidate for U.S. Congress Every year, thousands of immigrants, asylum seekers and migrants assume great hardships to find safety in America. They choose our country because they see the United States as a land of justice, as a place of safety, and a beacon of hope. Central American countries are facing unprecedented gang violence. The same countries are also dealing with a steep rise in domestic violence against women and children. Yet last week, U.S…. Read more

When we are tearing the babies from their mothers arms at the border, we have lost who we are. There’s nothing biblical about cruelty. It’s time for a gut check, a humanity check, and a scripture check. Pick one, or do all three, and then repeat until we remember who we are. Read more

Guest post by the Rev. Megan Severns Huston The first time I met the Rev. Dr. William Barber, he was a guest at a clergy retreat I was attending. During our time with him, someone from my group posed a question that most of us were thinking but didn’t have the courage to ask. “I want to do social justice ministry, but my spouse and I are both clergy, we depend financially on the church, and we don’t think we… Read more

One minute, it’s the last week of school. There is something extra special and important happening every day, endless details and events to track, the kids are exhausted and emotionally overwrought, and you have only one thought in your head: is it summer yet?? And then the next thing you know, it’s the third week of summer break and you are wondering what you are supposed to DO with these children for the many weeks until school starts again NOT… Read more

The only thing better than going someplace new and exciting is going somewhere you’ve been before. Maybe that means I’m getting old? But more and more, I prefer vacations to known locales. A place with favorite restaurants, familiar places to stay, and maybe best of all, family stories of “that other time we were here, do you remember …?” Last week, my family took a trip to our favorite beach. I almost hate to tell you where it is because… Read more

On Saturday, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach rode through a parade in Shawnee, Kansas. In a jeep, with a giant machine gun pointed at the crowd. Oh wait, my bad. It’s a REPLICA of a giant machine gun, LOL. Nobody panic. Except, just … why? Why on God’s green earth, in a time so plagued by gun violence and fraught with anxiety, would you ride through a community parade full of families and children with the appearance of heavily… Read more

It’s not about the cake. It was never about the cake. And yet, here we are. Still talking about cake. The headlines mostly read like this: “In Narrow Decision, Supreme Court Decides In Favor Of Baker Over Same-Sex Couple.” Variations, as you will. In the ongoing saga of the Very Christian Bakers vs. The Devil (otherwise known as two regular gay dudes who wanted a regular wedding cake), the SCOTUS ruled today in favor of the bakery. More specifically, the… Read more

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