Lace Up, and Go Care for the Wounded

A sad truth for today: I have maybe the best, most timely and important post of my blogging tenure… and I can’t publish it. It’s not my story to tell. It’s a word from a good friend of mine, a (well-decorated) military chaplain recently returned from a deployment in the Middle East. I asked this friend today to share some perspective on the POTUS Tweet (never a legit, checks and balances legislation, but always a damn middle school moment in… Read more

Scouts Honor: 3 Responses to… Well, You Know

This morning, the internet was imploding with reactions to Trump’s address to the annual Boy Scout Jamboree. Horrified but not at all surprised, I mined my connections for folks who are active with the BSA–whether as former scouts, parents or leaders. I figured they could respond far better than I. Clearly, folks have much to say about this, because I got 3 great contributions. I thought about running them as 3 separate posts over the next few days. You know,… Read more

Healthcare Is Sick and Making the Economy Sicker

Some folks seem to be operating under the delusion that Obamacare is some kind of welfare program. Free healthcare for everyone! In fact, I think the president might be one of those people. Or rather, he thinks that you can buy healthcare for $12 a year when you’re young, and then get something EVEN CHEAPER, basically free, when you’re old. Or, who knows… Maybe he thinks healthcare is a thing that only poor people need, because rich people know how… Read more

The Ark of Irony

Once upon a time, the Lord spoke to Noah and told him to go build a giant boat in the northern territory of Kentucky. No, that’s not right… Once upon a time, some super Christians, who were super in with God, decided that to honor Jesus, they would re-create a giant boat from a story that occurred thousands of years BEFORE Jesus was born. It would be a replica of biblical proportions. They would use the exact dimensions detailed in Genesis, construct an… Read more

10 Lessons the Church Can Learn From Harry Potter: On the Occasion of His 20th Birthday

I was tragically late to the Potter party. 20 years ago (!) when the first book came out, I was a college sophomore with a few other things on my mind than the newest thing in YA fiction. My brother was the target demographic age (12) and told me (many times) that I HAD to read this book! I picked it up a few times and read a chapter here and there. But I was distracted. I didn’t really get… Read more

Dear Congress, We Are Not All Protected By Armed Security

Every day, our lawmakers choose to protect the rights of violent men like the Alexandria shooter. Read more

Along for the Ride: A Very P.K. Summer, Part I

If you are a parent, then you know the mixed blessing of summer. On the one hand: more time with your kids; a slower, more unscheduled pace; ice cream, pool time, and lots of trips to the library. What’s not to love? Well: mosquitos, humidity and bad t.v., for starters. Not to mention–what the heck are you supposed to do with these kids every day? While also getting work done? Between camp days, VBS days, and vacation time, it doesn’t… Read more

A Change in the Wind: 10 Reasons Kansas is Good News for the Country Right Now

In case you’re not familiar with the Kansas political scene–first of all, lucky you. And can I come to your house and stay there awhile? More to the point, I can sum it up for you real quick-like: it’s a disastrous experiment in Tea Party economics, and a testament to the power of big money (namely, the Koch brothers) to manipulate the democratic process. Our Governor, Sam Brownback, is in their pocket, and everyone knows it. He won his re-election… Read more

Rev. William Barber II is the Voice of the Moral Minority

I had this whole post in my head… about Trump’s unbelievable Tweet criticizing the mayor of London. Our president implied that Mayor Khan dismissive of the recent terror attacks, saying that they were “Nothing to worry about.” When in fact, the Mayor actually said that London citizens should “not be alarmed” by the increased police presence. I was going to write a post discussing the importance of context in all things. In addition to being insensitive and opportunistic, Trump’s statement was willfully ignorant of a broader ongoing conversation. Which, in the grand… Read more

How to Write That Apology Letter to Your Grandchildren

Lately my kids have been into the “silly sentences” activities in their National Geographic Kids magazine. It’s pretty much a take on Mad Libs, for all of us GenX kids who are parents now. Which got me to thinking… Lots of folks these days might need help justifying their support for a certain sitting president. They may or may not start thinking about what kind of message they’d like to leave for their grandchildren. I’m here to help. Just fill… Read more

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