Dear Congress, We Are Not All Protected By Armed Security

After yesterday’s shooting in Alexandria, Congress remains deeply divided about gun laws.  Somehow, this is unsurprising news. There is a narrative to protect, after all. Even after enduring the horrors of gun violence themselves–in person, in the flesh– some of our leaders dig in their heels on this matter. “Guns are not the enemy,” they say. “These are sacred rights,” we hear again. “What we need are MORE GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS…” This cry echoed across the land with the sound of... Read more

Along for the Ride: A Very P.K. Summer, Part I

If you are a parent, then you know the mixed blessing of summer. On the one hand: more time with your kids; a slower, more unscheduled pace; ice cream, pool time, and lots of trips to the library. What’s not to love? Well: mosquitos, humidity and bad t.v., for starters. Not to mention–what the heck are you supposed to do with these kids every day? While also getting work done? Between camp days, VBS days, and vacation time, it doesn’t... Read more

A Change in the Wind: 10 Reasons Kansas is Good News for the Country Right Now

In case you’re not familiar with the Kansas political scene–first of all, lucky you. And can I come to your house and stay there awhile? More to the point, I can sum it up for you real quick-like: it’s a disastrous experiment in Tea Party economics, and a testament to the power of big money (namely, the Koch brothers) to manipulate the democratic process. Our Governor, Sam Brownback, is in their pocket, and everyone knows it. He won his re-election... Read more

Rev. William Barber II is the Voice of the Moral Minority

I had this whole post in my head… about Trump’s unbelievable Tweet criticizing the mayor of London. Our president implied that Mayor Khan dismissive of the recent terror attacks, saying that they were “Nothing to worry about.” When in fact, the Mayor actually said that London citizens should “not be alarmed” by the increased police presence. I was going to write a post discussing the importance of context in all things. In addition to being insensitive and opportunistic, Trump’s statement was willfully ignorant of a broader ongoing conversation. Which, in the grand... Read more

How to Write That Apology Letter to Your Grandchildren

Lately my kids have been into the “silly sentences” activities in their National Geographic Kids magazine. It’s pretty much a take on Mad Libs, for all of us GenX kids who are parents now. Which got me to thinking… Lots of folks these days might need help justifying their support for a certain sitting president. They may or may not start thinking about what kind of message they’d like to leave for their grandchildren. I’m here to help. Just fill... Read more

Violence Is Not a Progressive Value: Kathy Griffin Is Not Our Problem

Can we talk about Kathy Griffin for a sec? I mean, I don’t want to. I’m over her. But it seems that’s what everyone feels like we MUST be talking about, so here goes. First of all, I just want to be real clear that her beheading schtick was foul, and in poor taste, and way over many lines. She apologized, as well she should have. She was fired from a gig, as well she should be. But I keep... Read more

Christian Privilege Is a Real Thing: and a Dangerous Thing

Last week I was invited to speak at an interfaith panel discussion. I rarely say no to these things. For starters, you never know who you might meet. Community events are the best evangelism going, and a lot cheaper than digital signs or radio ads. Besides, I love a good chat. In this case, I didn’t know much about the event before I got there. It was a continuing ed thing for a professional group I wasn’t familiar with, on a... Read more

Last Day of School Blues: Making Space for Sad

My boy is 6. He hasn’t gotten the memo that the last day of school is exciting and fun and awesome. Both of my kids have always loved school, from Pre-K onward. Never a tearful “don’t leave me moment,” never an “I don’t want to wake up” day, and (so far, knock on wood) no mean kid drama. And all around, nothing but wonderful teachers. But there was something especially magical about this year of Kindergarten. A class that just... Read more

Montana Politician’s Meltdown Says Everything About Where We Are Right Now

It’s election day in Montana, and GOP candidate Greg Gianforte–who was supposed to be a sure-thing in this special election– has been charged with assault. For laying a reporter flat on the ground and breaking his glasses. Actually, the official report of the incident involves the words “body slam.” According to witnesses, that’s exactly what Gianforte did to Ben Jacobs, a reporter from the Guardian who was questioning the candidate about the Republican healthcare plan. This is where we are. Emboldened by... Read more

Threats Foreign and Domestic: a Manchester Bombing and a Maryland Murder

This is a post about terrorism. It has no artful nuance. No snarky edge, no hilarious sarcasm to offset a painful truth, and probably not even a little bit of poetic syntax to make it go down easier. I’m just going to say some things that are true. Last night, kids were killed in a terrorist bombing. Kids at a concert. This was a callous act of violence, perpetrated by extremists who have no regard for the sanctity of human... Read more
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