“Does the Plan of Salvation Make Disciples?” (Infographic)

A number of people have expressed interest in the discussion (from last week’s post) concerning the relationship between the Plan of Salvation and honor-shame cultures.

When I first wrote the article (which my post was based on), I also created a very simple infographic  to help people summarize the key ideas in the article.

Does the Plan of Salvation Make Disciples in HS Cultures (Graphical Summary)

I’m making it available for people who want to continue the discussion with friends and ministry partners.

The graphic depicts the significance of having an honor-shame perspective when making disciples.

  • At the top, you see three key aspects of honor-shame contexts.
  • The left lens notes the main points of a “plan of salvation” presentation.
  • The right lens highlights the 5 major problems created by “the plan of salvation” when making disciples in honor-shame contexts.
  • At the bottom, I list 6 practical implications (explained in the article) of  honor and shame when making disciples.

Click here to see the original article “Does the Plan of Salvation Make Disciples: Why Honor and Shame are Essential for Christian Ministry.”


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