How does the Bible contextualize the gospel? (Session 2 Training Video)

Here is SESSION TWO of 4 training videos I will release this summer. Below, you’ll find links to the video, audio as well as an accompanying study guide.



This session considers the question, “How does the Bible frame the gospel?” To answer the question, we survey various ways that biblical writers explicitly presented their gospel. Amid a diversity of presentations, readers find that a distinct set of themes frames them all. These themes constitute a firm framework by which Paul could claim there was only one gospel.

Nevertheless, because these framework themes shape the grand biblical narrative, they also provide a large degree of flexibility when preaching the gospel in various cultural contexts.

Other sessions include:

Session 1: Reinterpreting Contextualization

Session 2: How does the Bible Contextualize the Gospel?

Session 3: How does the Bible Explain the Gospel? (coming soon)

Session 4: A Practical Approach to Biblical Contextualization (coming soon)


Study Guide for Session 2

Download audio file


The audio comes from the 2016 theology conference hosted by Singapore Bible College. I have overlapped the audio with visuals to assist groups who might want to use the material for training purposes.


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