Trusting God When Life Isn’t Easy


One more bit of excitement for today: Take a look at the first issue of Pauline Media’s new and gorgeous digital magazine Current issue is entitled: Trusting God When Life Isn’t Easy Yes, that’s my article on page 3.  I tell the bloody finger story, which is funny, not gory, so you know you want to look.  And it’s free — other people paid to make this happen so that you don’t have to.

Writing thing: Sr. Marie Paul Curley is not just a nice person in a stylish blue habit, she’s one of my favorite editors to work with. Absolutely delightful.  I sent her my draft, and she sent me edits that made my piece 10,000 times better. If you get a chance to write for her, and you don’t mind being told how to make your work better, do it.

Religious Vocations Thing: Have I mentioned that the Daughters of St. Paul have the coolest charism on the planet?  And they do a good job of it.  If you know a writer-type girl with a religious vocation, you might point her in that direction.


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