Unplugging for the Triduum

File:The Harrowing of Hell.jpg

We have a tradition of turning off the lights on the evening of Holy Thursday, and not turning them on again until after the Easter Vigil.  We don’t go so far as shutting off the main breaker, though we’ve threatened to do so if children get sneaky.  In the interest of safety, candle-esque night lights and flash lights are fair game.

It’s a custom that serves us, not us the custom.  Thus, accommodations for unusual situations: This year a boy will be hovering over Dad’s shoulder making sure the man checks only for that one truly must-be-watched-for e-mail, and not clicking gratuitous links.

Here in the next few hours I’m going to drop into radio silence, and it will be very, very good.  See you during Easter!

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