Fortnight for Freedom Begins Tomorrow – What Have You Been Writing?

Over at the Catholic Writers Guild, there’s an open thread for posting your existing body of work on the topic of religious liberty:


The Fortnight for Freedom begins tomorrow!  We’ll be hosting several columns on that theme over the next several weeks.  If you’ve written on religious liberty, please post a link here so everyone can enjoy your work!


Feel free to head over to CWG and share your links.  Doesn’t need to be Catholic, by the way, this is a human rights issue, not a strictly theological issue.

(Okay: If your essay is about how Catholics don’t deserve religious freedom, that would not be a popular piece to share.  And no, I don’t agree with the commenter who proposed this religious liberty thing is anti-Catholic.  Maybe that’s a topic I should respond to this fortnight.)

I’ll try to write some fresh human-y rights stuff over the next couple weeks to get you feeling all patriotic come the 4th.  Meanwhile, for newcomers to this blog, a quick scroll through my “human rights” category of posts picked up a handful of selections that have touched on religious liberty themes:

It’s Not Friendship if It Can’t Withstand Disagreement

Atheists for Religious Freedom

On Dissidents, Freedom and the Eich Case: The Essay You Need to Read

The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality: Reform Begins in the Church

Freedom of Speech? Oh Hush.



Oh and a hint: I tweet 90% of my favorite internet reading at JenFitz_Reads.  Lots of human rights stuff ends up there.  I’m not real chatty on Twitter, but if you tweet me a good link and tell me what the topic is / why I should be interested, there’s a decent chance I’ll eventually have time to take a look at it.  So if that’s the sort of thing you enjoy, now you know where to find it.

(Weirdly, even though I love love love 99.9% of Dr. Boli’s corpus, I tweet him only rarely.  I figure if you were smart, you’d subscribe directly.)

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