Does anyone know what the little green/neon dot on the back of NFL’s quarterbacks’ helmets is all about?

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  • It means that the helmet has a radio receiver in it. There can only be one green-dotted helmet on the field at a time.

  • Scott, just so you know… Larry is correct.

  • Steve

    Yes, and I too wanted to inform you that both Larry and Frank are correct.

  • yes, i lookd it up. larry and frank are correct sa confirmed by steve… and now myself.

  • Friend of Pascal

    I too want to say that Larry, Frank, and Steve are correct. I am only having fun doing so because I am a female who knows some stuff about football. 🙂 Wooo hoooo…I love football.

    I was wondering why that was. I hadn’t the slightest idea.

  • Everyone above me is correct, except for Marc (#5). I think he had a slight idea that it signified something!

  • don

    No, it means this way faces back.

  • It means that if this guy had any guts he’d take off the helmet and padding and play rugby! (Puts on his helmet and padding and waits for the incoming) 🙂

  • tony jones

    Did you know that the NFL is proposing to have radio receivers in all players’ helmets next season? That would suck.

  • I hear they’re working on an ihelmet.

  • Bill Van Loon

    Whatever happened to the XFL?

  • Did you see in the first half of the Cowboys Patriots game last night when they showed the coach with the Patriots. He had a clipboard and was showing them a play. The commentator said, “We have cameras here and here and here…” I thought that was a hoot.

  • Doug and I were asking the same question yesterday. I am a little amused that I found the answer here this morning. Thanks!

  • Daniel Davis

    Thank you for asking and thanks for the answer! I’ve been wondering since the beginning but to lazy-er-busy to look it up.

  • If all the players get a green dot on the back of their helmets, how will the running backs and tail backs know who to get the ball from?

  • I thought the dot signified that it was available to be purchased on ebay.

  • The dot means that it was a toy made in China and will most likely be recalled in the next few weeks.

  • the word on the street is that the green dot means you can control that player with your xbox live.

  • My 2 cents

    The green dot is to let Jack Bauer to spare you when he moves in with the troops.

  • Brad Cooper

    The posts above just prove that most football fans are just a few fries short of a Happy Meal…..Thanks for the laughs! 😉

  • YetAnotherRick

    I don’t know if Larry, Frank, Steve, Darrel, or his other brother Darrel are correct, but if anyone has any questions about figure skating, I’ll be happy to answer them. I know almost nothing about football.

  • Brad VW

    Do you really think they are listening to the coach through that radio or are they being fed a recording of a Joel Osteen sermon telling them they can do it, just stay positive.