One Dollar

JoshGuth2.jpgJoshua Guthrie, son of a friend of mine (George Guthrie), is a young man with a heart to help the poor find water. I’d encourage you to go to his site and donate a dollar. He is calling his vision “dollar for a drink” and is part of building water wells in Sudan. We’d love to see a good response from the Jesus Creed blog community … Joshua’s goal is $8000 by Christmas and he’s over half way.

It’s this simple: give up one drink; give one dollar; build one well.

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  • Glenn

    Scott, Thankyou for pointing me to this. Joshua, what a great project. Count me in!

  • Henriet Schapelhouman

    Hi Scot. Thanks for posting this idea. I’ll include Joshua’s project on my blog this week. It’s ideas like this and people’s participation that’s going to make a difference. If I just drink my tap water and donate the money I would have spent on bottled water – I could really help those who have no water. It’s so simple. Thanks again.

  • Scot, thanks very much for showcasing Joshua’s project. Of course, I am very proud of him, thankful for his heart for God, and thankful that he has a heart for the disadvantaged. It seems an increasing number of teens are passionate about making a difference in the world, and we need to give them strong encouragement. Your post works to that end. Thanks much.

  • Kenton

    And if you’re on facebook, join the facebook group too. Get your facebook friends to send in a dollar.

  • Your Name

    How wonderful! What a true disciple of Jesus (Matt 25:35).


    this is time of given and even if it was not i still love giving for the Father gave His best to us and lest thing we can do is give a hand to others God keep you and this great project be bless, Pam

  • Shannon

    This is a wonderful idea! It takes many of these to make teh world a better place! Keep up the great ideas!