10 Reasons Why Baseball is Better than Hockey

1. Green: baseball is played on a green field; hockey on white ice.
2. Wrigley, Fenway, Yankee Stadium: name one interesting hockey place.
3. Names: Babe Ruth, Pee Wee Reese, Ernie Banks vs. Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr.
4. Scoring: single, double, triple, homer vs. “It’s a goal!”
5. Teeth: baseball players have them.
6. Season: summer vs. winter (and even when it’s not winter they have to freeze the place to have a game).
7. Shrine: Cooperstown vs. ??? (is there such a place?)
8. Word: baseball players all wear a cup, hockey plays for one cup.
9. Instruments: bats and balls vs. sticks and pucks. Symmetry, baby, symmetry.
10. Pace: baseball plays until the boys say it’s done; hockey is governed by a clock.

OK, you hockey pucks and Canucks out there, each of you gets one reason why hockey is better than baseball … keep it to one so we can keep this one going for awhile (otherwise the first person will exhaust all the possibilities).

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  • Your Name

    action – fast action – a hockey game doesn’t put you to sleep like baseball can.

  • Keith

    I was so “appalled” that anyone could discount hockey as the best sport 🙂 especially compared to baseball that I forgot to include my name, eh!

  • art

    I got one…
    oh wait…

  • Dan

    trophy. The stanley cup is the oldest and most beautiful trophy in pro – sports. baseball plays for a small flag collection?

  • SNC

    You can’t try to buy a championship… anyone else tired of the Yankees, Red Sox, Braves. Its the same script every year and it is boring… Hockey has a certain purity about it, where any given year a team can make a run and its not about who has all the money and who doesn’t. There is a reason the NFL has supplanted baseball as America’s sport.
    Oh, and for you Scot, nobody tries to sing a song between periods like those who try to sing ‘take me out to the ball game’ at Wrigley, that’s worth shutting down baseball alone.

  • SNC

    Greed. Baseball’s dark underbelly is all about greed. When a few teams year in and year out can buy a championship and pay players more than the GNP of small countries in salary, it makes hockey look like the sport from heaven itself.
    Oh and for you Scot, nobody in hockey tries to sing some hokey song between periods like they do at Wrigley with ‘Take me Out to the ball game’. Have you heard some of the renditions (like Ozzy Osbourne?). That’s reason alone that hockey is superior!

  • SNC

    sorry for the two post… thought the first didn’t get posted…

  • Your Name

    Joe Louis Arena. Say no more.
    Penalty Box.
    Plus – I put Teeth as a plus in the hockey column!

  • Your Name

    I so need to blog on why cricket is superior to baseball!

  • RJS

    Assuming this is for NHL – not “hockey” (i.e. college, pickup, olympic…)
    Stanley Cup – You don’t see Baseball players boating with their trophy.
    In hockey the players are the sport …

  • Rick

    Hockey players actually have to be great all-around athletes.
    Baseball players just need to have some skill (mainly the ability to stand for a long time and not fall asleep).

  • Baseball – boring to watch
    Hockey – constant action

  • Scot McKnight

    If you think of some more reasons why baseball is better than hockey, add them too. Here’s one:
    Baseball’s got the Zambrano and hockey’s got the Zamboni — one breathes 100 mph fire and the other 1 mph ice.

  • Your Name

    Scot, In baseball it is only the Zambrano’s that breathe 100mph fire. In hockey every player does so with 100 mph slap shots.
    Why is hockey better? I’ve never seen a hockey player with a big gut. Can you say that about baseball players?
    And one more. Baseball = warm beer. Hockey = cold beer. Just sayin’.

  • ChrisB

    2 words: body check

  • T

    Why baseball over hockey? Two words:
    Global warming.
    Embrace the inevitable.

  • SNC

    Hockey has never required a Congressional Hearing and politicians to clean it up.
    Oh and hockey player can endure cold, frozen temperatures where as in baseball, a little bit of rain and its game over.

  • Easy–baseball inspires great writing. Baseball has Roger Angell, John Updike, George Will, Michael Lewis, Don DeLillo. Yes, even Bill Simmons. Who does hockey have?
    Scot, I think this is your most important post ever. 🙂

  • RJS

    “Miracle on Ice” vs what? home run derby?

  • kns

    Trophy: hockey has the best trophy hands-down, the Stanley Cup. What other trophy allows you to grip both ends and hoist so prominently over your head?

  • TAB

    I play both, but
    Basball bcomes boring with long lags in the action.
    Hockey is all action!

  • Mike

    This is why I read the Creed :}
    I’ve got to admit hockey has the better fights. Perhaps the pitchers on my team can go through a quick “How to” provided by Ultimate Cage Fighting.
    As for the sport from heaven, I’m sure I’ve seen the description of a baseball park in heaven in Peterson’s The Message. I can’t find it right now. But I’m sure it’s there.

  • you are going to have to amend #2 as they just packed more people into wrigley for a hockey game than usually go to see the Cubs.

  • Brad VW

    baseball has more and better stats to argue over

  • kent

    For those who love hockey – bless you! But it is lousy on TV and worse on radio. It is something you have see in person. It is more akin to war or WWF than a sport.
    I confess I am not a hockey fan, never have been, never will be. I also think baseball only needs 100 games. But there is a magic with baseball hockey has never been able to dupicate. Hockey fans will never agree, but consider this, even with the surge in popularity it still lags far behind the other major sports. Hockey simply does not capture the imagination the way baseball does. And I am not even that big of a baseball fan.
    Sadly I am Cubs fan. But that is pain for another day.

  • Your Name

    Rocket Richard (sounds like Rishard – French Canadian)
    Wayne Gretzky – “The Great one”
    Sid “The Kid” Crosby
    Gordie Howe – “Mr. Hockey”
    Dominic Hasik – The Dominator
    Bobby Hull – The Golden Jet
    Mario Lemieux – Super Mario
    Ever been to Boston Gardens when the fog rolls in… The igloo in Pittsburgh…
    How about watching players play the game instead of looking to the manager to see if they need to move a step closer to second base, try for a bunt single or if there allowed to swing at a pitch.
    Let’s try watching both sports al the Olympic level, oh wait… baseball is out…
    Big difference, which has been mentioned in other posts in other ways, baseball, football are very linear games, set a play practice it over and over and over and then do it for real, hockey is non linear, free flowing, open for creativity as play develops. I find a lot of American viewers have trouble following non linear sports (like when Fox tried to add a ‘tail’ to the puck so you could follow where it went better)
    I grew up playing baseball, love the game, been to more pro-ball games than pro-hockey games, but the comparison is challenging. Like arguing about the Cowboys being America’s team. Really? It is just a social construct that seems to stick. Hockey is an exciting game based on creativity, baseball exciting based on story telling, and anticipation.
    Hockey negative (to show I am not totally biased) I hate the fighting in hockey. You can lose it, fight a guy, get cheered on, get 5 minutes to catch your breath, and keep playing. Any other major sport (for which hockey barely qualifies) you are looking at suspensions for multiple games, and even being labelled as a problem player who can’t get a job.
    Oh yeah, Cooperstown…. meet Toronto, Canada. Hockey Mecca and home of the Hockey hall of Fame.

  • SNC

    Baseball… only sport where failure is the accepted norm. .300 batting… got to love watching people fail more than succeed.

  • Scot,
    I’m surprised… never before have I accused you of blasphemy. But this is close!
    Hockey rules because:
    1.) A goal is a goal, not subject to the biased leanings of an umpire.
    2.) Hockey players are actually athletes.
    3.) Hockey players don’t dope up like baseball players do. And just getting bigger (beefing up) doesn’t make you a better player.
    4.) The NHL has a greater mix of Canadian and American teams. Baseball only has one team outside of the U.S. The NHL has 6.
    5.) A hockey game doesn’t get rained out.
    6.) Playing hockey, unlike baseball, actually counts towards your cardio for the day.

  • Mike Mangold

    Every dad plays catch with his son(s)!

  • Mike Mangold

    #29 was reason number 11 BTW.
    In games of catch with my dad and my sons, I have learned about the following:
    Race relations since WWII (and from Cicero, IL, not NY)
    Personal facts about my dad, grandfather, and great-grandfather; maternal grandfather, and maternal great-grandfather
    The Civil War (Siege of Vicksburg); World War I (Mustard Gas); and WWII (Prisoners of War)
    Hip-Hop; Swing; Rap; and Rock & Roll (and a little gesture towards jazz)
    Type A and Type B personalities
    The power of a southpaw
    Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Charlie Grimm (yes, I have his signature), Jackie Robinson, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Matthew Fox, Ernie Banks (hey, I’ve got a personal letter signed by him!), Ryne Sandberg, A-Rod… and on and on in an endless tradition.
    Can a dad learn all that from flinging a hockey puck?

  • #26 nailed it – hockey is non-linear, therefore it is much more creative and interesting. That also makes it much more of a team game. In baseball the vast majority of the game occurs between 1 pitcher and 1 batter. In other words, hyper-individualism!
    #29 – in Canada every dad teaches their kid to skate!
    Just to add another fly in the ointment we’re really arguing about the runners up here. Everyone knows that the best game in the world is actually soccer. It’s great for all the reasons hockey is great but without the need for any special equipment beyond a ball and a patch of grass. And like baseball it’s usually warm, played in majestic stadiums, has incredible personalities and history, etc.
    Besides, soccer has a TRUE World Series!!!

  • Brian

    When was the last time a hockey player missed a game because of a blister?

  • michael bells

    Hockey players are actually athletes, not large, doped up, beefy guys, who stand around for 3 or 4 hours.
    Having said that, baseball makes for good radio when you are doing something else, or it’s great for a Sunday afternoon nap!

  • Dan Rose

    Wow. A Cubs fan should never engage in an argument like this (hasn’t it been a century since they have succeeded??).
    There needs to be a list because much of what has been is getting lost.
    Anyway hockey (not just the NHL) is better because:
    1. Speed
    2. Strategy
    3. The single greatest professional athlete – Wayne Gretzky
    4. Only the truly intelligent can understand, follow, and appreciate
    5. It’s global (probably reaching Eastern Europe better than the church sadly)
    6. Slapshot/Youngblood/Mystery Alaska are better than those stupid Indians movies and Field of Dreams and arguably compete with Bull Durham (especially Youngblood), not to mention Bull Durham has Susan Sarandon, really? Ugh.
    7. The only reason people don’t think of hockey lore is because we live in an American-centric world and ignore the great stuff coming out of Canada (Especially CBC’s “Hockey” documentary). Scot after following your blog for some time I am disappointed that you are still retaining this pre-post modern, pre-post colonial, pre-post christendom ideology.
    8. The Stanley Cup, the single greatest trophy and playoffs in all of sport (Sorry World Cuppers but it doesn’t compare).

  • I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  • kyle

    im going to make a dissagreement on every thing you just said.
    1. whats wrong whith white? Are you a Black Panther.
    2. these places are not intresting, they are only famousbecause they are really old
    3. whats wrong with Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe,and Bobby Orr?
    4. who cares how the tv and radio announcers say when someone scores?
    5. Hockey players have teeth, and the few who are missing a couple arnt pussies like baseball players.
    6. so your just saying more that baseball players are pussies
    7. who really konws whats in cooperstown anways besides the baseball hall of fame. The hockey hall of fame is in Toronto, and The U.S. hockey hall of fame is in Evelth, Minnesota
    8. hockey players wear cups, and haha thats funny because the trophy that the pros play for is called the stanley CUP.
    9. Who cares about symetry this is just showing you cant think of any think else. P.s. a puck is symetrical.
    10. Thats just cause the rules are different.

  • AJ

    Ok i didnt know how baseball players overeact and start a fight after hitting hit with a little ball, hockey players get hit every 5 seconds against a 200 pound person slamming into you other than a little 1 ounce white ball. At least they allow you to fight in hockey. Baseball us for pussies who all just want to chew tobacco and wear a homo uniform.

  • Anthony

    You have got to be kidding me. The only person who could make an argument like baseball is better must be just as most fans of the sport: a dumb ass redneck who would rather take his kids to boring ass baseball games and pay 30$ for a beer so they can watch men in tight pants sit around on a field staring up at the sky waiting for a ball to fall down… oh and isn’t a good batting average about .3? Being 30% for all you baseball fans… so this suggests baseball is exciting approximately 30% of the time… on a very good day… but take the average of every batter and you will get something more like 13% as opposed to hockey where each second could determine the outcome of a game.
    I can’t even believe how stupid one must be to pose such a stupid argument… i feel like i shouldnt even say anything to dignify it.
    Oh by the way, Detroit is “hockeytown” which is much more renowned that cooperstown?… wtf is that anyways oh wait who gives a shit.
    go get into your pickup and finger your sister.

  • I.ve.played.both.now.only.one

    Pro: Hockey
    1. Haven’t you ever watched a baseball game and not wished there was a “pitch clock” or “scratch your balls clock” or any other type of time limit in baseball? You’re right, a longer game is totally a better game.
    2. Let me reiterate: baseball players are CAN be pussies. Sure, there are a few athletes scattered amoung the ranks, but man, Milton Bradley tore his ACL arguing with an ump? These people would rather take steroids than, say, work out on a daily basis.
    3. You don’t stand around in hockey. Ever. Baseball, about 90% of the time is spent waiting for something to happen. Really. Let’s say a pitch takes about 2 sec to deliver, 3 sec to return, and if hit, about 10-20 sec to come to rest after being hit (assuming a fat DH isn’t loafing around the bases after a home run). At ~250 pitches,

  • Flyersn1221

    well said….theres nothing else that douchebag can say to make me believe that baseball is better..why dont you put on some pads and play some puck and see how exciting and intense it is…. while im sure many have played baseball when they were a little kid and i wonder why they ended up playing something else to get their moneys worth

  • Rob

    i just had an argument with a kid about this the other day. He said, “how could you hate baseball, it’s America’s past time?”
    I immediately replied with “that’s why our obesity rate is so much higher than every other country” then i walked off. he had nothing to say because he’s about 50 pounds over weight

  • jonathan

    baseball is so much beter

  • Mark O’Brien

    Baseball is a dull sport. Even the players in the dugout look bored during the game. Real athletes should not chew tobacco and eat peanuts in the middle of the game. You hardly ever meet any attractive women that are really into baseball. Baseball crowds are always full of fat ugly men and drunk old ladies. Lots of totally cute girls love hockey and hockey players, just look at the stands in any televised hockey game from anywhere in the USA and you’ll see thousands of gorgeous women wearing hockey sweaters and cheering. In ten years or so the NHL will be bigger than MLB and the NBA, because sports fans really want a sport that is action packed and intense and played by real athletes.