Gallup Poll

Here’s an interesting Gallup poll to discuss:

PRINCETON, NJ — Americans are as likely to want Tea Party-backed Republican members of Congress to have the most influence over federal policies in the coming year as they are to prefer President Barack Obama. The Democratic leaders in Congress rank last in this regard, behind the Republican leaders. …

As if having two political parties vying for power in Congress in the next session won’t be challenging enough, the Tea Party movement has emerged as a potent third wheel with a legitimate claim for demanding a strong voice in decision making. While Americans’ preferences are generally splintered, they are more likely to want Tea Party Republicans, rather than either Republican or Democratic leaders, to direct the nation’s policy decisions — a fact the Republican leadership, in particular, apparently ignores at its peril. At the same time, the percentage of independents and traditional Republicans who are wary of an aggressive effort to reverse recently enacted Democratic policies is enough to result in more Americans fearing the Republicans will go too far in this regard than fearing they will not go far enough.

Look at the graphs after the jump:

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  • Actually, if there’s a surprise in this, it’s that Obama ranks so highly….

  • Richard

    I’m as surprised as Mark in #1 especially after all the ad hominem attacks against POTUS. I’ll be very interested to see the results of this poll after GOP/Tea Party proposals are actually put out in the public eye. It’s easy to pole holes in the other guys’ stuff, it’s far more challenging to implement good, creative solutions yourself.

  • Daniel

    Richard @2, You are certainly correct that it is easier to pick apart the other guy’s position. I think that has been what the POTUS has experienced. Running for office in ’07 and ’08 the previous administration was hammered about a number of issues. Now the current administration finds itself continuing their predecessor’s policies (domestic expenditures, conduct of the war, homeland security, etc).

  • Clay Knick

    The Democrats and Republicans have only themselves to blame for this.

  • Watchman

    The problem with the Tea Party movement is that it originated as a legitimate organization of individuals who protested the excessive taxation and spending from our federal government. Since its inception, it has now evolved into an anti-Democrat organization and as a result will quickly lose it’s credibility if it continues. As someone who is apolitical and does not ascribe to any single political platform, the Tea Party movement seems to me like a glorified Republican party with some elements of Libertarian policies (i.e. tax reform). Isn’t the Tea Party similar to the blind leading the blind? It would seem to me that our entire government needs reformed rather than simply be redefined under new banners.

  • Robert Neville

    I love it when people claim they are “apolitical”. They seem to think it allows them to claim the high ground in a debate.
    The basis of the Tea Party is a philosophy that transcends party politics. Granted, decreased government involvement, decreased taxes, etc tend to favor Republicans and Libertarians but this doesn’t make it anti-Democrat.
    Contrary to your opinion Mr. Watchman, the Tea Party(ies) remain a “legitimate organization of individuals”.

  • Watchman

    And, like all political parties in the U.S. the Tea Party will soon become the laughing stock of millions of people. Reform the American government then just maybe politicians will be taken seriously someday.

  • Jeremy

    I think it may indicate the GOP is in dire trouble. They are on the rise in public opinion at the moment, but this may indicate a power struggle within the party to come. The non-Tea party Repubs are not going to roll over for TPers that tend to already talk with a sense of entitlement. If that happens, this election will probably be the best outcome the Democrats could have hoped for. A fractured GOP isn’t going to do anyone any good…well, anyone conservative anyway.

  • It amazes me that there are still people who cannot admit (or see) that all the Tea-Party is, is the most conservative wing of the Republican Party. It was stated in a recent poll prior to the past election that 89% of all Tea-Party members voted for Senator McCain in the last presidential election. Basically the poll was saying the average Tea-Party member is nothing more, than a more vocal and most conservative Republican. For that reason it is silly to believe the Tea-party members want anything different than what most Republicans want. Full “POWER & full CONTROL!” Lets stop pretending the Tea-party is something new, different and better. It isn’t! The Tea-party is the same old angry attitude in a new fancy package.