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The AD/BC or CE Question

Michael Ostling, at History Today, probes once again into the faith orientation of how we date things. To say it is AD 2011 is to post a date on the basis of the Christian faith and the Christian dating system; to say “CE” is to post a date without reference to a faith. What do [Read More…]

Rob Bell News

From Nellie Andreeva: Carlton Cuse has teamed with author/pastor Rob Bell for Stronger, a drama project with spiritual overtones, which has been sold to ABC via ABC Studios in a hefty script deal. Stronger, which the former Lost co-showrunner and the founder of Michigan’s Mars Hill Bible Church are co-writing and executive producing, revolves around Tom [Read More…]

The King Jesus Gospel Question

At the very heart of our new book (The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited) is one central question: Is 1 Corinthians 15 the gospel or not? That leads to a chaser question: Is 1 Corinthians a sketch of the full gospel or only part of it? Or, is this an adequate or [Read More…]

The Victorians, a Bible-d Culture

Timothy Larsen, a Wheaton professor, has a way of writing fascinating studies that move from the analytical into a larger synthesis that sheds light on our day as well. He’s done it again in A People of One Book: The Bible and the Victorians. The major literary figures of the Victorian era, like Dickens, have [Read More…]

Late Night Laugh

Oh, my, only Geeding finds this stuff. [Read more…]

Reverse Offering

What do you think of this? A New Jersey church turned the traditional money collection part of the service on its head with a “reverse offering” this weekend. When the Liquid Church passed around its popcorn-bucket collection baskets, people were told to take an envelope with the words “God Trusts You” on them. Each envelope [Read More…]

Finding Calcutta 3: Sin and the Supernatural (RJS)

We are in the middle of short series on Mary Poplin’s thought provoking book Finding Calcutta: What Mother Teresa Taught Me About Meaningful Work and Service. This is not a science and faith book – and it is a welcome respite from some of the more “academic” questions we discuss on this blog. Dr. Poplin’s [Read More…]

Community and Small Groups 1

Forces are at work in late modernity’s culture to make us yearn for community (koinonia) and that at the same time prevent us from participating in community. Hence, the rise of the small group movement. Yet, for all the efforts put into small groups, it is not entirely convincing that small groups are creating the [Read More…]

Who will speak up?

In our country we have plenty of discussions about religious tolerance, and it can be said that many today are much more tolerant of non-Christian faiths than of traditional Christian faiths. But even if there is some imbalance in the USA, we are committed to religious tolerance. I believe in and defend religious tolerance in [Read More…]

Muslims, Christians and War

I’ve been wondering who would first say this. The jig is up, it’s been said and it’s now time to discuss it. Lee Camp, a prof at Lipscomb University in Nashville and the creator of Tokens, a wonderful Garrison Keillor-like show in Nashville, has a courageous new book. It’s called Who Is My Enemy?: Questions [Read More…]