Barna Backs Gingrich

From Barna’s FB page:

I [George Barna] am honored to announce that I have accepted the position of Co-Chairman of the national Faith Leaders Coalition for Newt Gingrich. After a lot of study, soul searching, and prayer, I felt that Speaker Gingrich is the best man for the job and I would like to help him get the Republican nomination. It will not be an easy battle for him, but neither will it be easy for the U.S. to regain its way in these challenging times. I believe Newt is the person best poised to lead us into that difficult and uncertain future.

If you would like to listen to a brief explanation of my decision, as well as a longer, very forthright conversation between Mr. Gingrich and pastor Jim Garlow regarding the race and Mr. Gingrich’s qualifications and “baggage,” you are invited to join us on a conference call this Thursday (Jan. 12) at 2:15pm Eastern (1:15pm Central, 12:15 Mountain, 11:15 Pacific). To be part of this informative, free event, simply dial in at 209-647-1600. Once on the line, enter the access code 826881# and you’ll be with us. The call should last about 45 minutes.

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  • Dan Arnold

    Does anyone else wonder if its a good thing to have the head of a polling organization officially back a candidate? To me it could call into question the objectivity of the organization’s research.

  • Robert A

    When are evangelicals going to finally realize entanglement with politics and politicians does nothing but destroy the purity of the Bride of Christ?

    No political solution can ever match the power of the Gospel. No political solution will ever match the sustainability of the Gospel (you’re only one election away from overturning any perceived gains.)

    When our leaders are fooled into these fleshly entanglements they attempt to use corrupt, short-term means to push a pure, long-term Gospel that cannot share space with such craven pursuits.

    They trade our spiritual birthright for a mess of pottage.

  • Mark Baker-Wright

    I was thinking much the same way, although wasn’t sure how to articulate it. That said, I’m curious how Barna justifies backing the candidate with multiple affairs and divorces in his past (while in office, no less), given the association’s past support for traditional “family” causes. Frankly, I don’t get how people have been so quick to just grant Gingrich the “it’s in the past, and he’s apologized, so we forgive him” card. They wouldn’t do so for a Democrat, I’d wager.

  • EricM

    This just degrades Barna’s reputation even further in my eyes. As if he wasn’t already annoying enough with his ‘death of Christianity in America’ fear mongering, now he’s supporting someone like… Gingrich?!?

  • JohnM

    I would not like to listen to Barna’s brief explanation. In fact this may give me a reason, if I still needed one, to not listen to Barna at all.

  • D C Cramer

    “. . . neither will it be easy for the U.S. to regain its way . . .”

    Regain its way? When was it on the way? The way to where?

  • Paul W

    From their web page it doesn’t look like a coalition of leaders from various faith perspectives at all. Looks like every one participating at this point embraces one faith: Christianity.

    Just one more example of politicians playing games with words. Barna will, no doubt, feel right at home.

  • nathan

    looks like Barna hasn’t done the…well…research.

  • Kel

    Two thumbs down.

  • Dru Dodson

    SIGHHHHHHHH . . . can’t tell if it makes me tired to hear that or I’m just tired of it all already . . .

  • Richard

    Here’s a book he should read:

    They even have a chapter on being too political available for free download!


    I’m not sure I mind him backing a candidate, I’m just disappointed this is the candidate that he backed – one that embodies an ethos of power plays and partisanship.

  • Amos Paul
  • DLS

    @3 “Frankly, I don’t get how people have been so quick to just grant Gingrich the “it’s in the past, and he’s apologized, so we forgive him” card.

    – That’s an easy one. It’s the same answer as for those people who claim to be pro-life but voted for Obama and other Democrats. It’s called rationalization. We pick who we were going to vote for anyway and work back the rationalization from there to justify it. Usually we do it with claims like “that’s in the past” (Gingrich) or the one we heard throughout 2008 – “oh yeah, well what did Bush do about abortion!” We all do it, and this is no different.

  • nick

    Am I the only one who finds the phone in forum archaic and hilarious?

  • Ben

    @ Dan Arnold #1 – Was wondering the same thing. If Barna’s research methodology wasn’t questionable enough, this only further calls it into question.

  • Mark Baker-Wright

    DLS @#13,

    While I have little doubt that rationalism is at play (and indeed on both political sides), I’m not convinced it’s that simple. Rather, I think that’s just one part of a much more complex issue.

  • Cal

    I’d rather have a pagan than someone claiming to be a Christian in Washington. It is an undrainable swamp, a kingdom of the world and an Empire Nova Roma. How can anyone who has ever read the Sermon on the Mount think such a job is possible. End the hypocrisy!