Learning from Children

By Eric Hulse is a Holistic Health Coach. His practice focuses on teaching parents how to regain control of their health in order to improve the health of their families. Visit his website or follow him on Facebook for tips on how to increase your energy, reduce daily stress, and regain your happiness.

Below is a list of several life lessons I’ve learned from working with and being around children. I hope you find them helpful and can apply them to your life.

Playtime is a natural part of the day

Children need to play. It’s how they learn, interact with each other, and explore the world. Playtime is built into a child’s day so they can use their imagination, move their bodies, and meet new friends without judgement or hatred. Adults, on the other hand, hardly ever play. There are deadlines to meet, bills to pay, and “things” to take care of which all comes with the job of being a grownup. However, this doesn’t mean we have to neglect our inner child! Many adults suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression because they don’t allow themselves to play, be creative, and they take life very seriously. It’s important for our spirit to enjoy a hobby that fosters our creativity, to spend time outside in nature, and to meet new friends. Oh, and a genuine smile helps also!


Children are quick to forgive. It’s as if there minds instinctively know that holding a grudge will lead to unpleasant feelings. They won’t be able to play if they can’t forgive their friends, this leads to sadness, a decrease in energy and overall “yucky” feeling. It’s just not worth it. There’s really no time for it in a child’s world. There’s too much life to live!


Kids can laugh up to 150 times a day while most adults barely make it to 5! It’s a pleasure watching my nieces and nephews run around the house laughing for no good reason at all! It’s a way for them to connect with each other and release the positive, unrestricted energy they have inside. Laughter is a clear indication of how you view the world. Those who are tense, self conscience, or too busy to laugh have forgotten the many joys and silly episodes life has to offer. Laughter can reduce stress, relax the body, and inspire hope.


Can you remember as a child wanting to explore the out doors, take things apart so you can see how they work, or ask your parents a million questions about one thing? Everything was new and exciting. Being curious was how we learned about life, our bodies, and the world. It gave our days that special spark and trill! Somewhere along the line, that natural inclination of wanting to know more was replaced by the comfort of staying the same and closed off from the possibilities of the world. However, those brave enough to continue being curious as adults have discovered new lands, invented marvelous creations, and have changed the world as we know it. Their inner child never stopped asking why, how come, or believing in the impossible.

Unconditional love

I believe children are love. They are pure, kind, and filled with life. They don’t care if you’re rich, a different color, a different race, and for that matter a different species! They want to make you happy, give you presents, and make you smile. Children love with their entire being and do so from a place of honesty. There is peace in their hearts that some grown ups have covered up with judgements and fears. Unconditional love has the power to save relationships, bring us together, and heal the world.

I hope this list has given you a chance to reconnect with the children in your life and to see them as tiny teachers guiding you throughout your day.

Remember children know many of live’s secrets, the ones we as adults have forgotten about.


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