Linsanity has left the house

The NY Knicks, evidently, won’t be featuring Jeremy Lin as much now that they have a new coach.

The great lesson of Linsanity — at least, as we understood it in February — is that expertise can be flawed and impressions faulty.Jeremy Lin taught us not to assume too much, especially as it pertains to Jeremy Lin.

Yet as we survey the ever-changing, perpetually dysfunctional Knickslandscape, it is hard not to draw one hard conclusion: It’s the end of Linsanity as we know it.

The sudden and surprising change in head coaches almost ensures it.

Lin blossomed because he played in a system that perfectly suited him, for a coach who believed in him and needed him. Lin restored the aesthetics and the excitement to Mike D’Antoni’s frenetic offense and restored faith at Madison Square Garden.

But D’Antoni left the building Wednesday, taking his speedy, free-flowing offense with him. His replacement, Mike Woodson, is an old-school coach and Larry Brown disciple who emphasizes defense, ball control and isolation play. He does not push the tempo, or rely heavily on the pick-and-roll. He holds a tight leash on his point guards.

He prefers veterans to rookies. He wants the offense to run through his stars. He will run most of his plays for Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire.

None of this bodes well for Lin.


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  • So in other words, the Knicks will go back to the land of futility. Anthony is highly overrated.

  • The height of Linsanity included games against Washington, New Jersey, Sacremento, and Toronto. You knew at some point the more quality teams were going to catch up with him. It does raise many questions on our susceptibility to hype.

  • Ben Cheney

    Sometimes sportswriters should just report the facts rather than feeling the need to prognosticate wildly about everything. He led the team in minutes (33), points (19) and assists (6) yesterday, with only 2 turnovers. Also had 7 rebounds.

  • Kyle

    Phil Jackson is reported to have been salivating over Lin for a few years, and as I think he’s the frontrunner for the Knicks head coaching job next year, I’d prepare for the next bump in the sine curve of hype.

  • Kyle

    It’s also worth mentioning that once a player thrives in a system as Lin did in D’antoni’s (especially pre-Carmelo), that player will find the system again, whether that means importing it through another coach or exporting the player to a team willing to make the adjustments. Steve Nash is the perfect example of this, having struggled for years in Dallas before getting paired with D’antoni in Phoenix. Nash’s successes since are well-documented, and though he plays for a different coach, he plays in the same system. Success of the Lin kind, rare as it is, becomes the point about which other parts revolve, given enough time (here at least a full season).

  • Will Varner

    He will continue to do well simply because he is a good player. Nuff said.

  • JR

    Scot, why did you post this?

  • scotmcknight

    JR, Because I’ve been following the Lin story.

  • Brian

    Perhaps the lesson in this who story is that “no matter how powerful/wealthy you are, bad choices will ruin you.”

    The Knicks, despite all their resources, have been mediocre, at best, for almost 20 years because they cannot make wise decisions.

  • JR

    18 pts & 10 asts for Lin. More importantly the Knicks are now 4-0 with Woodson. This has been working out very well for Lin and the Knicks.