Five Myths about Female Voters

From WaPo:

Have female voters ever been more talked about, pitched to or chased after? BothPresident Obama and Mitt Romney mention the strong women in their lives every chance they get. And each claims that the other candidate is bad for us — with Democrats talking up the Republican “war on women’’ and the GOP countering that the real casualties are the women who’ve lost their jobs since Obama became president. But female voters are so diverse that there could never be one straightforward answer to what we want — so pandering to us is complicated. Thankfully, it’s no longer assumed that women tend to vote like their husbands or fathers. But some hardy myths persist. Let’s examine what really makes women tick.

1. Women vote together.

2. Female voters favor female candidates.

3. Women vote on basis of female issues — like abortion and birth control.

4. A candidate’s wife can deliver women’s votes.

5. Men decide elections.

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  • Joe Canner

    Re #4: Perhaps so, but if you *diss* the candidate’s wife, you do so at your peril…

  • Joe, given recent elections – for example, watching what “conservatives” said about Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Obama – the dissing can sometimes be a tactic for animating a base of voters.

  • This list is wrong on all five counts as far as I am concerned.

  • Melody, I agree. Women think for themselves and vote with our own brains. We are capable of understanding and communicating bigger issues than “women’s issues.” And a good candidate is a good candidate– regardless of gender.

  • lindi

    There is also a perception on the part of some that women favor attractive candidates. I hope it isn’t so. Not so in the case of anyone I know.

  • Ann

    Wait, is this a list of myths or facts? Few strike me as accurate.

  • It’s definitely the list of myths, Ann! If it’s not, I’m pulling the plug on the bathtub of condescension. 😀

    I can’t say that I ever cast a single vote solely on account of any of those reasons. Domestic policy, economics, regulatory stance, foreign policy, candidates’ integrity & qualifications … yes.