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Should We Teach the Storehouse Theory? (RJS)

The Bible teaches that God governs the weather including the rain (image to the right from wikipedia). Many passages make this quite clear.  Not only this he keeps rain, wind, snow and hail in his storehouses to be sent forth out of his bounty or wrath. The LORD will open the heavens, the storehouse of [Read More…]

The Gospel of the Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition is an association of pastors and theologians around fidelity to the gospel and a commitment to make that gospel known and to support pastors and churches in gospel-shaped ministries. So, when the two major architects of TGC edit a book (The Gospel as Center) that expounds its principal statements on principal ideas, the [Read More…]

7 Years

Today marks seven years of blogging … hard to believe. [Read more…]

Deeply Troubling

From the American Sociological Association: WASHINGTON, DC, March 29, 2012 — While trust in science remained stable among people who self-identified as moderates and liberals in the United States between 1974 and 2010, trust in science fell among self-identified conservatives by more than 25 percent during the same period, according to new research from Gordon [Read More…]

The Great Gulf from Canon to Creed

I was reading a review of Tom Wright’s new book, How God Became King, at The Gospel Coalition site, and it was a review that was so far out of touch with the book I read in manuscript form that at one spot in reading the review I wondered if I had confused that review’s [Read More…]

C.S. Lewis and Mere Purgatory

That’s right, C.S. Lewis seemed to have embraced a view Jerry Walls can accurately call “mere purgatory.” (See Purgatory: The Logic of Total Transformation) For many the logic looks like this: If C.S. Lewis believed it, and if C.S. Lewis is “mere” evangelicalism, then it is justifiable to believe in purgatory. Make no mistake about this [Read More…]

Archbishop and the Lord’s Prayer

Rowan Williams thinks the Lord’s Prayer should be taught in public schools because of its importance. I agree it is important; on teaching it in the public schools I have no opinion other than to say the problem is shaped more by lack of church attendance than public schools. The study, which compared the answers [Read More…]

Parents Not Proud of Children

Emily Yoffe gets a letter from a father who is less than happy with his son’s choice of career and lack of ambition, but “Prudie” turns the letter inside out into a lesson about parenting and love: Dear Concerned, As I started reading your letter I thought, “We’ve seen this movie so many times before.” Slacker [Read More…]

Can We Find God Through Nature? (RJS)

Part Two of Karl Giberson’s new book, The Wonder of the Universe: Hints of God in Our Fine-Tuned World, looks at design arguments and considers the pros and cons of possible interpretations of scientific data that either suggest or eliminate evidence for God in the Universe. I have commented at times on an edge to [Read More…]

Business People 8 (Michael Kruse)

WWJD – What would Jesus do? Most people are familiar with the popular Evangelical movement that sprang up in the ‘90s, inviting people to ask this question about daily life decisions. Many people are aware that this movement was rooted in Charles Sheldon’s best-selling novel, “In His Steps,” written in 1896, featuring a minster who [Read More…]