Abusing our Sacred Calling

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Universalism and “The Devil’s Redemption”
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Universalism and “The Devil’s Redemption”
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Universalism and “The Devil’s Redemption”

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  • Patrick

    I pray for the Church, including this misguided man. My prayer is Christ will re-arrange in our hearts His virtues and how He interfaced even with those who murdered Him.

    The Kingdom will explode in growth when that happens and it is going to happen, just when is the question.

  • Tom F.

    The comments that said he was the most compassionate man remind me of an idea I recently came across here: http://www.uclouvain.eu/cps/ucl/doc/psyreli/documents/Newsletter.pdf

    The idea is called “minimal prosociality”-

    “A more economic and perhaps more realistic understanding of previous theory and research is to assume that the prosociality of religious people (a) also exists outside these people’s minds (religious people are not delusional when they
    report being agreeable), but (b) is not extended to universal and unconditional altruism (this may be the case of some saints or some very specific orientations): the prosociality of religious people is rather restricted to a minimal prosocial behavior, i.e. a prosocial behavior limited to some targets and some conditions.”

    In other words, religious people can be compassionate and caring under some conditions, but systematic psychological research tends to confirm that this prosociality is limited to a select group of people under certain conditions.

    And apparently in this case, we may have an extreme example; someone who may genuinely be very compassionate and giving with those in that “select group of people”, but who, in a very human and yet dark way, actually proposes violence towards those who are outside that group.

  • The downside of the internet is that hateful pastors / complicit churches do not remain quarantined in their electric pens of dying churches, but infect the mission for the rest of us.

  • Patrick

    Yep, the net has provided me some incalculable assets relating to God I could never have accessed otherwise. Then we get to see a preacher suggesting a sort of concentration camp for some people on the net.
    Good and the bad and the ugly.

  • Jerry

    David Barton and Roy Moore are mainstream?