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Intelligent Design, Irreducible Complexity

Darwin unleashed a new kind of science, if I may call it that; his theories have been taken up, expanded, proven to be true, adjusted, refashioned, etc, over time to the kind of science we have today. Intelligent Design folks, led by people like Michael Behe, contend Darwinian science is lacking and, in fact, they [Read More…]

Let’s Get Legal: Gary Wills on the Right to Bear Arms

This is from a 1995 NYReview of Books piece by Garry Wills. In American law, the right to bear arms, originally about the military, has been extended and expanded to the right of every citizen to own, use and even publicly display a gun. There are other possible (though less plausible) reasons for the omissions—e.g., [Read More…]

Yet Another on Gun Laws

This social scientist, Patrick Egan, documents improvement on violence and gun laws … Which proves that, though perhaps the worst in the civilized world, we’re doing better. Is that good enough? But as pundits and politicians react, they would do well to keep in mind two fundamental trends about violence and guns in America that [Read More…]

One More on Gun Laws: It’s Not Over

James Fallows: Unless something is done, the American fascination with violence and the easy availability of guns — as a “right” —  will generate more mass murders. Like everyone, and I’d say especially like every parent, I am of course saddened and horrified by the latest mass shooting-murder. My sympathies to all. And of course [Read More…]

Yet More on Gun Laws

Here is a chart of assault deaths in the USA, by Kieran Healy: Instead of saying derogatory things about the South, look at the second graph — how we stack up against the rest of the world! America is the most violent country in the world — Do Christians want to change that national story? [Read more…]

More on Gun Laws

James Martin, S.J.: Of course, violent people use guns in violence. We can’t prevent people from being violent – apart from a miracle of God’s grace – but we can prevent said violent people from having access to guns. Christians should be leading the way toward the revision of gun laws in the USA. Do [Read More…]

Gun Laws, None Dare Call it Time

Sandy Levinson, at Balkinization: Some of this blog’s readers will know that I am against our gun laws — we are a violent society and our violence is magnified by the 2d Amendment’s right to bear arms, a right taken far too liberally in our culture. The issue for me, however, is not simply repealing [Read More…]

How Can You Be a Christian? (RJS)

In a post last Thursday I referred to a book by Alister McGrath, Doubting: Growing Through the Uncertainties of Faith. At one point in this book he makes the following observation: It is very common for Christians to find themselves isolated at work or ridiculed for their faith. They are conscious of the fact that [Read More…]

Our Yes

Yesterday I posted about Mike Glenn’s fine book The Gospel of Yes, and today I turn to another pastor, Dave Workman, and his book could have been subtitled: Our Yes to God’s Yes. If God says Yes to us in Christ, we say Yes back to God by loving others. So Dave’s book is called [Read More…]

Summer Fun for Kids — at what price?

From USA Today: How about you? How much do you spend? Is this become a pressure to conform to what other families are doing? Americans are expected to spend more than $600 per child, on average, to keep their kids entertained this summer, according to the results of the latest American Express Spending and Savings tracker. [Read More…]