Vin Scully

Vin Scully, the voice of the LA Dodgers, is the best baseball announcer ever. (Some of you disagree, so who do you think is/was best?)

Recently there was a rhubarb at the plate over a disputed call, about which Vin Scully said this:

After the whole thing was over, and Tracy had been sent packing, Scully drolly noted “We have all this technology and they don’t use it because they say it would delay the game. Well, what was that we just saw?”

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  • As a life long Giant fan I cannot in good conscience give my support to Vin Scully. So, I’ll stick with Lon Simmons — a Giants announcer. Though here in Detroit they’ll say that Ernie Harwell is the best!

  • Mark

    Same debate rages over the use of technology in cricket and rugby. In theory it ought to be the umpire / referee’s call, and too bad if they get some wrong. The problem is, regardless of whether or not the technology is used, it exists. So it will always be there to second guess the umpire. Why not place that technology in the employment of the officials, rather than allow it to lurk in the background, second guessing their decisions?

  • Bob Prince, long time voice of the Pirates (1948-1975, 1982-1985)

  • For me, Jack Buck had a bit more warmth and personality than Scully, but I would take Vin Scully over anyone else in broadcasting today. There is no one better prepared to call a game.

  • RJS
  • Hal Hall

    Here’s a name you wont’ here much, but as a SF Giants fan in the 80s and 90s, Hank Greenwald was fantastic. His laid back, sly sense of humor hit the bay area note perfectly. Then later, of course, Jon Miller!

  • I think I have to go with Vin, too.

  • Mike

    Growing up in SoCal I had the pure joy of listening to Vin Scully in spring/summer and Chick Hearn in fall/winter. Legends.

  • Andrew

    I’m a big Giants fan, but even I can admit that Vin Scully is one of the all-time (if not the all-time) greats. While I grew up listening to Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper and they are fantastic, I’m partial to Dave Flemming. Lesser known but extremely knowledgeable.

  • Scully is the Dean of baseball announcers, without question.

  • Jeff Moulton

    I say this as a lifelong Cub fan – Jack Buck, hands down. Vin Scully comes in a distant second, along with Joe Garagiola.

  • Olympics were on the other day. NBC with its sentimentalized, gushy coverage got tiresome.

    Turned the channel. Dodgers were on channel 9. Vin Scully announcing. I’m not a big baseball fan but I watched for a good long time. Like a breath of fresh air. Oddly enough rejuvenated my soul. The Olympic sports are much more interesting to me. But there’s just something about Vin Scully, his quiet, almost-but-not quite droning, telling stories, filling the gaps, talking baseball. He’s a grown-up in a sports announcer field full of adolescents.

  • Rick Cruse

    Hard to believe I began listening to Vin Scully in 1957 just after the Dodgers moved to LA. From your title I feared you were publishing his obit.

  • Clint W

    I grew up with the NBC Game of the Week and Curt Gowdy, so I’m still partial to him. My White Sox’s TV combination in the ’80s and ’90s of Ken Harrelson and Tom Paciorek was a near-perfect yin-and-yang, but the last time NBC had baseball, they also featured a nicely balanced trio of the personable Bob Costas, the knowledgeable Joe Morgan (who couldn’t ramble as much in the three-person booth as he did on ESPN), and and the dryly hilarious Bob Uecker. My favorite current announcer is Jon Miller, who can also do spot-on impressions of other announcers, including Scully, who Miller calls “the greatest broadcaster.”

  • John McCauslin

    Ernie Harwell was the best.

  • Bob

    Mario and Rod here in Detroit… And Dan Dickerson on radio. All of them excellent.

  • Brian

    Being from St. Louis originally, I’m going with Jack Buck. I gotta throw Mike Shannon’s name in there too!

  • DRT

    Not the best, but notable, Myron Cope, voice of the Steelers!

  • Gregory Sager

    Joe Morgan? Yecch. If he or Tim McCarver are doing commentary for a game, I turn down the sound.

    I can’t argue with Vin Scully being the best, although I think he’s slipped a little in recent years. (As would anybody who is trying to call a ballgame at the age of 84.) But I have to put in a good word for Pat Hughes, who has been the voice of the Cubs on the WGN radio network for the past 16 years. Not only does he call the game well and understand the intricacies of baseball, he ought to deserve some kind of a medal for managing to call coherent broadcasts in spite of having the late Ron Santo (who was entertaining but highly erratic and who half the time had no idea what was going on in the game) as his partner.

  • scotmcknight

    Gregory, I almost said the same thing … “Patrick” accomplished listing to Ron, adjusting to Ron, covering for Ron, and asking questions Ron could answer — and sometimes set up Ron with a question Ron could after all answer. We used to turn down the TV and listen to Pat and Ron for the entertainment. I will never forget the Sea Gull story of Ron Santo. I was in tears laughing when I heard it live.

  • I agree. Vin is the best.

  • Ernie

    As a 10-year old kid living in Southern Oregon in 1960, I listened to Vin Scully and Jerry Doggett do the Dodger games on the radio, before we even had television in our home. Twelve years later I moved to LA, and still listened to Vin while watching the games in Dodger Stadium. Couldn’t watch without him.

  • TJJ

    Jack Brickhouse will always be the voice of baseball to me. He knew the game, he was enthusiastic but not too emotional, and yes he always rooted for the hometown Cubs, but he gave other team/players their due. Great baseball voice.

  • Greg Smith

    Bob Uecker is the greatest of all baseball announcers. Being the voice of the Milwaukee Brewers, probably the smallest market in baseball, just didn’t give him enough exposure so all could agree on the obvious.

  • Bob Uecker. Hilarious. Knowledgeable. Hilarious. Entertaining. And hilarious.

    Shocked there are no props for Harry Caray. His name spelled backwards is Yarac Yrrah

  • Vin Scully is the greatest… NO QUESTION!!! Give me a break… way to speak the truth, Scot!

  • As a life-long Cardinals fan, my heart will always think of Jack Buck as the voice of baseball. But, as a fan of the sport, there is absolutely something special about the Buck/Scully/Caray era of broadcasters. They are to be cherished and appreciated- much like the great players in MLB history

  • Sct Gay

    Harry Kalas……has to be on any list of baseball announcers. In the city of brotherly love it is tremendously hard to be loved. Kalas was because his love of the game, the city, the fans, and the players was the best.

  • Perry L Stepp

    Vin Scully is the best; blending poetry, insight, and pure class, he is the Robert Frost of sports.

  • Bryant J. Williams III

    Dear Scot,

    I grew up in Los Angeles during the 60’s & 70’s before moving to Tacoma, WA. Yes, I think Vin is the best in all of baseball. In the latest book, The Pinstripe Empire, by Marty Appel, he is briefly mentioned as taking over the broadcasting duties in 1953 when the regular announcer left the booth to go elsewhere. So, Vin will approaching 50 years broadcasting the Dodgers. Imagine announcing such stars of the Brooklyn-LA Dodgers not counting the World Series game teams.

    Other announcers I enjoyed listening to were the following:

    LA-CA-LA Angels: Dick Enberg
    LA Dodgers: Don Drysdale with Vin Scully
    Seattle Mariners: Dave Niehaus
    San Francisco Giants: Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper
    NBC Sports: Dick Enberg and Merlin Olsen
    Game of the Week: Kurt Gowdy and Joe Garagiola
    Monday Night Game of the Week: Jack Buck and Tim McCarver

  • Tim

    25 Jeff, I wondered why no love for Harry either. Best 7th inning stretch in history

    “Take me out to the baaaaallgame …”

  • Titus

    Vin Scully is great. His recent translation of Tracy’s words to the umpire was one of the most entertaining bits of broadcasting I have heard in quite some time. But for me as a kid who grew up listening to the Reds in Ohio, baseball sounds like Marty Brennaman and Joe Nuxhall.