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The Packers thrashed the Bears Thursday night. The best thing about it was that it was on NFLTV, which meant not as many folks got to watch our puny offensive get mashed by Matthews and the Men from the Bay. But this headline… was it a clever term about a marauding Packer team (neither present in the picture nor the article itself) or a spelling error for “team”?

I say Misspelling. Perhaps explained by writers and headline writers who wear cheesehead hats and restrict circulation.

What say you?

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  • Jonathan

    “I asked the Journal Sentinel about reader reaction to the headline. Mike Davis, an assistant managing editor, sent this reply:

    We did hear from some readers – probably about a dozen who called or emailed – and we explained that it was a play on words, not a misspelling. The headline and the use of the word “teem” was intended to describe the swarming nature of the Packers defense. Perhaps it was too clever at the expense of clarity.”

  • RJS

    I think the cheesehead hat explanation makes the most sense.

  • Tom Schuessler

    I’m from Wisconsin. Our average ACT scores are close to the highest in the country. But people from Chicago think that we cheeseheads are stupid.

  • Tony Springer

    Flashbacks to the former citrus flavored soft drink?

    While the Pack dominated the Bears offense, the Bears did not play too bad on D. The Pack had less mistakes. With the proliferation of Thursday night games, some teems that will look great on Sunday will not the following Thursday. The turnover and possession battle may signal the game winner on Thursday more than on Sunday.

  • scotmcknight

    Tom, were it not for all the Cardinal fans in Southern Illinois, our ACT’s would rival yours.

  • Luke Geraty

    Being a WI resident and understanding that the Packers have a special place in my heart, I just have to chuckle at the Chicago fans. You are so cute.


  • scotmcknight

    Cute? Wait til you come to Soldier’s Field!

  • Kyle F

    I puzzled it out by concluding that an editor who would run a bland and grammar school-worthy headline “Total Team Effort” would be worse than one who misspells so dramatically.

  • Rob Henderson

    After the Lions are finished with the Packers in Lambeau or the Bears on Monday Night I wonder if the headline might then read, “Total Tame Effort”?

    Just had to get in a jab or two.

  • Mike M

    Having grown up in Illinois and then moving to Wisconsin, I am a “Processed Cheesehead.” For our Book “A White Rose for Jonathon,” my wife Angie had two editors: a professional who kept her on time and to the point, and myself, who changed her Wisconisms into English. Since only 12 readers commented on the headline, I’m going with the unintential route.