Best Super Bowl Ever?

Here is the chart, measured by its own criteria, but there’s one gaping hole. The best game ever was when the Bears beat the Patriots.

What was your favorite Super Bowl ever?

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  • Kenton

    Easy. Cowboys over the Dolphins in Super Bowl VI at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans. I was 6, and Roger Staubach hung the moon as far as I was concerned. My parents were at the game!

  • Gordon

    Patriots first loss to the Giants had everything to make the superbowl the best. It was a great game and it was important.

  • Greg D

    My favorite is Super Bowl XXVII when the Cowboys clobbered the Bills 52-17 in what was the biggest win in Super Bowl history. The trifecta of Aikman, Smith, and Irvin at the helm certainly helped to resurrect the Cowboys to glory.

  • Rick

    As a Vikings and Falcons fan, there has yet to be a “best”. Instead, there have been painful ones.

  • Jeff Y

    Loved the Bears-Pats SB. Hated the Pats and loved that Bears team. At the end of that year, that’s the most dominating defensive play I’ve ever seen – and I’ve been watching football since 1969 and the Jets great upset over the Colts. Bears D and Steelers in mid 70’s are the two best I’ve seen. Baltimore, ca. 2000 is right there, a close 3rd. It was a great coronation of Walter Payton, Ditka and Da Bears.

    My favorite was the Raiders-Vikings. That Raiders team is one of my favorites of all time. But, I’d rate the Giants-Bills, 1991 and Steelers-Cards as the two most exciting.


  • RJS

    I’m with Rick (but only on the Vikings part). There has yet to be a best.

  • Johnny

    Rams/Titans.. Not a fan of either team but that finish (stopped at the 1 yard line) can’t be beat.

  • Gotta go with Giants over Pats in 42. Beating the undefeated in what was a really close and tough game. Though I am biased as my twitter name reveals. 🙂

  • DAK

    The best was when the Lions beat the….Oh, wait, the Lions haven’t even sniffed a Superbowl and hardly sniffed the playoffs. So, I have yet to witness the best.

  • DAK

    One of my most memorable ones occurred in the mid-90s (a SB that San Fran won.) I was living in Japan and the game was broadcast live in there. We sat around with friends eating chili, wings, and nachos and drinking beer at 8 a.m. watching a bit of Americana. Still a great memory.

  • E.G.

    Glad to see the Rams there twice (although losing one of those times). Looking forward to seeing them there a lot more in coming years! 🙂