Dan Gable and Olympic Wrestling

That Dan Gable was the best.ever.by.far, and this article is one serious piece about one serious wrestling dude:

On the morning the IOC announced it would drop wrestling from the Olympics, Dan Gable was a continent away, fast asleep. 
It was dark outside. His wife, Kathy, sat at the computer, waiting on the coffeemaker to start. She scrolled through the Iowa wrestling message boards, and one thread caught her attention. When she finished reading, she hurried to the bedroom. Dan was on the left side of the bed, on his stomach. That sticks in her mind, for some reason — him peaceful, unaware. She tapped him, asked if he knew anything about the Olympics getting rid of wrestling in 2020.
He mumbled something and kept sleeping, for
 a few moments, until the information traveled through his subconscious and he rushed to the computer. The news rearranged his world. Sitting by himself in the dark, Gable struggled not to cry. He called the head of USA Wrestling and blurted, “Tell me it isn’t true!”

Gable’s phone started to ring. One by one, his four daughters called. They said they loved him and that he could save wrestling. His oldest, Jenni, called from her home up the road and described the look on her son’s face when she told him. He’s 9. An unspoken dream seemed to die in his eyes. This hurt Dan most of all. As the sun rose, he pushed away his pain to do the thing he did best: fight.

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  • Terry Clees

    Wow…not very often that my world’s come together being a pastor and a wrestling coach!

  • Randy Gabrielse

    I am going to guess then, that you are not from Iowa.
    Randy Gabrielse