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Weekly Meanderings, 30 November 2013

Miz Shelby gets schooled at church: Miz Shelby had not been home in nearly a year. Not since Christmas last, when that awful phone call about grandmama dying interrupted the gift-giving. So she came home this weekend. Miz Shelby and her momma got facials, did a little shopping, made Rice Krispy treats and generally hung [Read More…]

A Beard Guide for (Male) Ministry

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From Top to Bottom

By John Frye From Top to Bottom The Synoptics all report the curtain in the Temple being torn (split) from top to bottom. Matthew and Mark time it with Jesus’ last cry from the cross while Luke times it with the noonday darkness. In view of the Book of Hebrews, many suggest that it was [Read More…]

Greg Boyd: What Faith Is

Certainty-seekers need to hear what Greg Boyd offers in his book Benefit of the Doubt, where he defines what “faith” means. Faith, first, needs to be distinguished from what most mean by “belief.” Belief is a “mental conviction that something is true.” I believe so, the lady says, when asked if the that car is hers. [Read More…]

Energy Surplus on Thanksgiving

Source This week marks the start of the annual eat-too-much and move-too-little holiday season, with its attendant declining health and surging regrets. But a well-timed new study suggests that a daily bout of exercise should erase or lessen many of the injurious effects, even if you otherwise lounge all day on the couch and load [Read More…]

The Three P’s of Good Teachers

Source: The first P of amazing teachers is Professional. Amazing Teachers are Professional. Amazing teachers are professional at all times not just when they’re in front of the class…. Amazing Teachers are Passionate. Amazing teachers love what they do. They enjoy teaching.  They enjoy being with students. They’re excited about their subject and take joy in [Read More…]

Strange Fire at Jesus Creed

From Jonathan Storment (go to his site to see the whole thing): I get the Cessasionist argument, and I really respect John McArthur, his writings and ministry have blessed me. I love Joni Erickson Tada (who spoke at the conference) and I very much understand why someone who has endured the suffering of both physical [Read More…]

What We Believe about “Last Things”

Christians have distinct views of the “last things” — in fact, their view of the “last” things (or eschatology) is that the last things have already begun. This is called “inaugurated” eschatology. But there are bundle of topics in what Christians believe about eschatology and evangelicals have (they really do) even more to believe (than [Read More…]

Traditions Created as Advertising

These traditions were created in the hope that consumers would purchase… Do you have any other traditions like these? By Rebecca Zerzan Here’s how some beloved traditions came about, including diamond engagement rings and the ubiquitous green-bean casserole. 1. RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER The origin of Rudolph has nothing to do with Jesus or Santa. [Read More…]

Religion in Science Courses? (RJS)

We are taking a look at the book Does God Make a Difference? Taking Religion Seriously in Our Schools and Universities by Warren Nord.  Nord’s hypothesis is that a liberal education – as in liberal arts not liberal politics – needs to take religion seriously because religion forms an important element of human existence. Before considering [Read More…]