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Archaeology and the Holy Land

Source The excavators plan to keep working on the site for another week, but one of the most remarkable finds so far was a mosaic containing a Christogram, or a type of monogram of the name of Jesus. At the time, Byzantine Christians wouldn’t have put crosses on their mosaic floors so as to not [Read More…]

That’s Gospel! by John Frye

“That He was Buried” Captured in Paul’s precise summary of the gospel he preached is this phrase, “…that he was buried” (1 Corinthians 15:1-5). We may not think much of this small fact unless we tie it to the way Jesus died—by crucifixion. Men crucified for treason against Rome forfeited the honor of burial. While [Read More…]

Bring Back the Spirit!

The Holy Spirit is ignored in much of the church and at least one reason the Spirit is ignored in the church is because its theologians ignore the Holy Spirit. To see that this is so compare a charismatic theologian’s Spirit sections with, well, most of the others. In Mike Bird’s Evangelical Theology the sixth [Read More…]

That “Women” Question (RJS)

I’ve put up a two posts on N.T. (Tom) Wright’s  response to listener questions posed by Justin Brierley on the radio show Unbelievable. (The link to the show: NT Wright on Paul, Hell, Satan, Creation, Adam, Eve & more – Unbelievable? – 01 November 2013, or the entire Unbelievable audio feed with more shows and [Read More…]

Deliverance Politics, Beginning with Calvin

Yes, that’s right. There is a history of socio-political theology, yea, liberation theology and social gospel, that begin in some ways with Calvin. This story has been told in remarkable detail by John Coffey, Exodus and Liberation: Deliverance Politics from John Calvin to Martin Luther King Jr (Oxford, 2014). We are dealing with how folks have [Read More…]

Americans, Reading and New Insights

Source [Read more…]

Working toward Intergenerational Relations (by Jonathan Storment)

Last week I introduced a problem that most churches were already aware of: we can’t get young people and older people to hang out together anymore. I want to do more than just identify the problem, but part of the solution is identifying the problem I’ve had to learn how to show different generations how [Read More…]

Putting People in their Places

Humans look at others and assign the others a social location. Not all humans do this because there are some who like to think they don’t assign others. We may strive not to assign others but those who are successful are few indeed. The Romans did not even try; in fact, status and honor and [Read More…]

Palm Beach Atlantic University

I was given the opportunity to be the lecturer at the Sunergoi Conference for leaders at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and the whole event was a string of good times: dinner the night before with my good friend Sam Lamerson and Jim Belcher (both at Knox Theological Seminary), breakfast with my friend and prof at [Read More…]

All means All

Sarah Pulliam Bailey: NEW YORK (RNS) A group of Christian leaders has set up a new campaign to emphasize that all people — gay, liberal, undocumented or otherwise — reflect the image of God. Six Christian leaders, including Focus on the Family President Jim Daly, “Touched by an Angel” star Roma Downey and her producer [Read More…]