Trump, Pope Francis, Roger Olson: Is Trump a Christian?

Roger Olson:

However, when it comes to disposition I agree with Pope Francis that mercy is a crucial indicator of the authenticity of a person’s Christianity and the only way to measure that is by a person’s words about the vulnerable. I do not believe a person can be a Christian in the truest and fullest sense and at the same time have no mercy toward the vulnerable, the disadvantaged, the outsider and stranger, or any group of human beings in need. Does Trump have mercy toward those people? I can’t read his heart or his mind; all I can do is go by his public statements. Based solely on them, I do not think Trump is a Christian. But neither is Sanders—by other criteria (and he doesn’t claim to be)—so I am not making a political non-endorsement with regard to Trump. I am only making a theological judgment in agreement with Pope Francis. And it has nothing to do with whether Trump is “saved” or not; that is solely and exclusively God’s judgment to make. I never make such judgments about anyone.

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