Top Questions about Heaven

Heaven Promise

What are the most important questions about heaven you have faced?

Here are the top ten questions about heaven that I discuss in my book, The Heaven Promise.

The paperback edition has a small group study guide that Tara Beth Leach developed.

From a theology of heaven/kingdom, we can derive a vision of Christian living in the here and now. Ignoring a theology of heaven/kingdom diminishes themes of ultimacy and final justice and reconciliation and peace.

What is being taught about heaven in your context?

Do you believe, as I do, that heaven has fallen off the radar for many pastors and theologians? Why is this happening? (Is overdoing in the past a reason to ignore it today?)

No pastor pastors very long without needing and being asked about a theology of heaven/kingdom.

Ten Questions about Heaven

1              What about Near Death Experiences?

2              What about Rewards in Heaven?

3              Who Will Be in Heaven?

4              Is God Fair?

5              Will There Be Families?

6              What about Children Who Die?

7              What about Cremation?

8              What about Purgatory?

9              Will there be Pets in Heaven?

10          Why Believe in Heaven?

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