Weekly Meanderings, 18 November 2017

Kris, who found most of this week’s links, and I are in Boston at the Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting. We look forward to coffee today with our friend Lucy Peppiatt. Christian Wiman, on joy, a good sample of why Wiman deserves to be read: “Joy is the present tense, with the whole emphasis on the present,” writes Kierkegaard. This is accurate insofar as it accords with the feeling of joy, which can banish all the retrospective and anticipatory mental… Read more

New Webinar: Atonement (Nov 30)

Atonement Theory Webinar What you think about God and the gospel are found in what you think of atonement. Ever wish you could understand the atonement better? Ever wish you could teach the atonement more clearly to your congregation? Ever wish to clear up the caustic language people use about atonement? I want to help.  I’m doing a webinar on the atonement that will help your church embrace the rich and vibrant images that come from the atonement. Over the centuries… Read more

What Is Needed To Decide?

There are two things to consider: first, that bundles of Christians are abandoning evangelicalism because it is argued evangelicalism is a recent development in the church and, second, that evangelicalism is out of sync with historic, creedal, orthodox Christian beliefs. What about development of doctrine in the church? Is it only found among evangelicals? Or is this found also in Catholics and the Orthodox? By the way, in this slot on Fridays normally John Frye posts for us but he’s… Read more

Reading The Bible Podcast: Q&A

 Read more

Mark Galli Vs. Denny Burk

Mark Galli: The Nashville Statement addresses a burning issue of our day: human sexuality. The social and political pressures to deny the biblical teaching on God’s intent for our sexuality are immense, and we believe the statement’s creators clearly grasp the need to stand firm. This is not merely an ethical debate about what one can and cannot do in the bedroom; in fact, on this issue rest crucial aspects of the doctrine of Scripture and theological anthropology. Unfortunately, in attempting to… Read more

The Bible Tells Us So (RJS)

I recently received a copy of an intriguing book (due out next week) courtesy the publisher. Four Views on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design brings together leading proponents of Young Earth Creationism (Ken Ham), Old Earth Creationism (Hugh Ross), Evolutionary Creationism (Deborah Haarsma) and Intelligent Design (Stephen Meyer).  Each is given the opportunity to express their own view and to respond to the essays provided by the others. Within the necessary length constraints each contributor was encouraged to put forth… Read more

She Leads, She Preaches, Emboldened

It’s worth turning your attention to (Northern Seminary’s) Tara Beth Leach’s new book, Emboldened. Why? Some women in your church are called and need to be emboldened; those who are called and recognized will need to be emboldened. Tara Beth brings her story and her pastoral calling at Pasadena Nazarene into each of these chapters. I urge you to purchase and read this book, and I urge you especially to have a copy ready to give away to women who… Read more

Luther The Catholic Misreading Augustine

A reduced story of Luther looks like this: Luther was miserable and suffering under the law’s condemnation but in reading Romans and Galatians he discovered grace, justification by faith alone and imputation of Christ’s righteousness. Hence, from misery to joy. Not so fast says Richard Rex in his fine (and very readable book), The Making of Martin Luther. Luther’s story was more gradual. A few observations: First, prior to Luther’s “conversion” he was reading and studying and commenting on and teaching… Read more

Teach The Whole Bible At Once

Don’t millennials hate the Bible? Read more

What Color are Your Glasses? (RJS)

In his thought-provoking book Evolutionary Creation: A Christian Approach to Evolution Denis Lamoureux begins the discussion with an analogy. The world of ideas is similar to the world of color. We appreciate that many topics are not simple black-and-white issues and that many shades of opinion and understanding exist. Yet in contrast to the world of color, the ability to discern the spectrum of ideas is based more on our education and life experience than on genetic predispositions. Categories are… Read more

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