Re-Thinking Mission with Chris Wright

Like Chris Wright’s stuff on God’s mission? Check this out: Chris was exploring a biblical theology of mission, engaging along the way with contested ideas of mission, and criticisms of his own approach as outlined most fully of course in his magnum opus The Mission of God. Some notes and observations of the half-day conference: [Read More…]

Bible Tribes

The Bible you carry is a political act. By “Bible” I mean the Translation of the Bible you carry is a political act. Because the Bible you carry is a political act the rhetoric about other translations is more politics than it is reality. The reality is that the major Bible translations in use today [Read More…]

The Fittest City in the USA?

From USA Today: Washington, D.C., is the fittest city in the United States for the third year in a row, according to a ranking of the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the country. The nation’s capital was closely followed byMinneapolis-St. Paul and Denver as the second- and third-fittest of the 50 metro areas, according to the American [Read More…]

Trust the Table (by Joe James)

Why the Church Cannot Afford to Be Either Conservative or Progressive, by Joe James, the education minister at the Southside Church of Christ in Rogers Arkansas. Being a minister in 2016 presents a host of challenges. But perhaps the most difficult line for pastors to walk is in translating two kinds of Christianity to each [Read More…]

Are You Living the 25/8 Week?

As in 25 hours per day and 8 days per week, which is a way of saying, too much too much too much. Too often too often too often. Deep in the heart of God is Sabbath, a day of rest. 24 hours, not just Sunday morning, but one whole day. Sundown to sundown. A [Read More…]

Going to Camp Boredom

Molly Jo Rose: On my desk sits a stack of flyers for summer day camps. The options are mind-numbing: Superhero camp, Inventor’s camp, Minecraft camp, STEM camp, even camp for kids who like to run. The thought of weeding through them is paralyzing, so I have made the executive decision not to. The camp I [Read More…]

Renewing the Institutional Church

The church has fallen on hard times. Some have checked out, some have fought back. Both are responding to the hard times. James Thompson, in his well-researched book The Church according to Paul: Rediscovering the Community Conformed to Christ, opens with this story, and notice that last sentence, which will lead to our own story: Shortly [Read More…]

Day Jobs of 20 Famous Writers

Courtesy of: The Expert Editor [Read more…]

The Holiness Tradition and the New Perspective

It is perhaps not as well known as it might be that James D.G. Dunn, who was the earliest driver for exploring the conclusions of E.P. Sanders’ famous Paul and Palestinian Judaism for the apostle Paul’s theology and mission, is a Wesleyan or a Methodist. Thus, his Pauline theology shows contact with the Holiness Tradition of [Read More…]

Tim Keller Answers: How Much Prep Time for a Sermon?

The following is an email correspondence between Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian in New York City, and David George Moore. Dave blogs at Dear Tim, I have read several of your books and benefited greatly from each one.  I am also grateful for your willingness to do the Patheos/Jesus Creed interview with me. [Read More…]