The Yin-Yang of Contextualization (Jackson Wu)

Jackson Wu (PhD, SEBTS) teaches theology and missiology in a seminary for Chinese church leaders. Previously, he also worked as a church planter. He has just released his second book One Gospel for All Nations: A Practical Approach to Biblical Contextualization. In addition to his blog,, follow him on Twitter @jacksonwu4china. The male students in my class agreed, “The [Read More...]


The author of this blog post is a missionary in North Africa with Pioneer Bible Translators. She, along with her husband and two little girls, lives on the outskirts of a refugee camp working to facilitate disciple-making, Bible translation and mother tongue literacy among two least-reached Muslim groups. Her favorite things about North Africa include [Read More...]

Church Refugees 1: Ethan’s Story

The essence of “church refugees,” or the “dechurching of the former intensely involved church leaders,” is “they’re finding ways to be the church outside of the institution” (27). I quote from Josh Packard and Ashleigh Hope’s Church Refugees as I set off on a series on this book, one that has solid and rigorous sociological data at [Read More...]

Coffee Berry Borer Begone!

Elahe Izadi: This is the coffee berry borer, and it must be stopped. Image These insects are considered the coffee world’s most devastating pest; infestations can slash a crop yield by up to 80 percent. The beetles don’t just use the coffee for food; they burrow into coffee beans and spend their lives inside. Caffeine typically repels insects, [Read More...]

In Green Bank Put it Away

Source: Mountain Turnpike twists through dense oak, hickory and spruce trees and keeps winding, like a slithering snake, through the mountains that separate Virginia and West Virginia. But on a clear day, looking south from the Monongahela National Forest, what looks like a giant white Lego structure emerges from this sea of green. And that’s [Read More...]

The Confederate Flag and the Christian: 2 or 3 Questions

Coming home from church Sunday Kris and I ended up behind a truck in our village with two flags flapping in the wind — big flags not those dinky ones that hang out windows. The Stars and Stripes, and a Confederate flag. Equally displayed. One couldn’t help but think the driver was flouting recent decisions [Read More...]

Birth Order Theory

Abby Ohlheiser: Was your insanely successful older sibling born to achieve? Is your youngest child pre-programmed to seek the limelight? Nope, says a massive new study analyzing the traits of 377,000 high school students. At least, the study says, not enough to make any practical difference. In the end, researchers found that first-born children have a [Read More...]

Crowdpounding Franklin Graham or Otherwise?

It’s now well-known — it’s all over the webs and blogs: Franklin Graham said some things that unleashed two kinds of response: hate him or love him! I have read two — and only two — sorts of response: Some have grabbed the worst statements he made and called him names or said he broke [Read More...]

Universalism and Freedom (by Jeff Cook)

Universalism and Freedom  (Jeff Cook) I get to begin with a celebration! This is the last official work I am doing to promote Everything New: Reimagining Heaven and Hell. Most sane authors don’t spend 7 years on a project, but this one was worth it to me. For those who read it, thank you! Now, to the [Read More...]

From the Most Violent to Most Peaceful State in the USA

Source [Read more...]