Not Until She was 24

By Rachel Asproth, Arise Rachel Asproth is the editor of Arise at CBE International. She’s a published author, social advocate, wannabe theologian, and aspiring reconciler. Rachel has a BA in reconciliation and literature from Bethel University. She lives in Saint Paul, MN, and spends her free time scamming her way into theology conferences and buying [Read More…]

The Bible is Central 11

It might not be our image today, but it was the psalmist’s image: “I am like a wineskin in the smoke” (119:83). Or as the JPS translator has it: “Though I have become like a water-skin dried in smoke.” What does this image evoke, for it is from this point that this section (kaf, or K) [Read More…]

Wise Students

From Flipboard: If you build it, they will come. That’s true when it comes to the healthy snack store that students of East Garfield Park’s LEARN Charter School Network — Campbell Campus (212 S. Francisco Ave.) use. Students and teachers at the kindergarten-through-fifth-grade school created their own on-site store (aka WE Learn Health Store) when [Read More…]

Practicing Privilege in the Local Church

By Michelle Van Loon at and My friend B. had been a pastor for years before he stepped into the leadership of a parachurch ministry. During his work week, he worked and prayed with dozens of pastors and church leaders interested in transforming their congregations and communities. But on Sundays, he and his wife were invisible [Read More…]

The Bible is Central 10

The psalmist, in 119:73 knows that God’s hands have “firmed him up” — the way the sun is “fixed” in the sky at midday, the way pillars hold up the building, and the way a king has been established on his throne. Why does the psalmist care that God’s hands have firmed him — established [Read More…]

Denny Burk vs. Jonathan Merritt

In a recent article, Jonathan Merritt drew the attention of his desired audience and the ire of the same. He said the new Holman Christian Standard Bible is “gender inclusive” in areas it formerly said translations should not be, and Denny Burk accused Merritt and his co-author Garet Robinson of being inaccurate. The question is [Read More…]

Cross-Shaped Submission

By Kelly Ladd Bishop, from Arise Kelly holds an MDiv, and a BA in biology. She spent seven years working in youth ministry, and has most recently worked as an associate pastor. She preaches, teaches, writes, speaks, and mentors teens, and is passionate about exploring God’s Word and issues of faith and culture. She is a Huffington Post contributor [Read More…]

The Bible is Central 9

The expression “post-haste” was something I once heard from a teacher and it followed a request to go to some office to get something. “And do it post-haste.” I thought about the meaning of that expression then about as often as I did about any expression — not at all. But, that expression has a [Read More…]

Rob Bell’s New Book: A Review

From a theological perspective, it won’t surprise many that Rob’s reviving the old historical-critical, Jesus Seminar positions about the Bible. It’s purely manmade. [Read more…]

The Bible is Central 8

The psalmist acknowledges that the Lord has “done good” or “treated him well” — though I think the psalmist is much less interested in “how” (well) God has treated him and more with “what” (good) God has done to him. Notice: “You have dealt well with your servant” (Ps 119:65). Time for us to ponder [Read More…]