What, angels are bilingual? They are now, baby!

I’m excited (and deeply honored) to announce that Lifted by Angels is now available in Spanish.

Lifted by Angels explains the role and significance of angels from the perspective of the early church. Building upon the biblical stories, it branches out to see how ancient Christians understood those accounts and what that meant for them. It serves as a helpful corrective to the often silly image of angels that dominate our culture.

Lifted by Angels -- Now in Spanish!

Lifted by Angels — Now in Spanish!

Get your copy at CBD, B&N, or Amazon.

Now if we could just convince Antonio Banderas to read the audio version.

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I'm the author of Lifted by Angels, a look at angels through the eyes of the early church. Click here for more about me or subscribe to my RSS here.

  • kevin kirkpatrick

    Sweet! Congrats on the translation. However, the more you say “baby” in this manner, the more you sound like Telly Savalas. “Players Club! Who loves ya baby!”

    • Joel J. Miller

      Haven’t you noticed I look more like Telly every day. Balding, baby!