Call me a geek, but I love sifting through the analytics and seeing all the different ways people come to Under the Ancient Oaks. Here are the top keywords people use to find me on Google and other search engines. Read more

At first glance Temple of Artemis is far less impressive than other temples I visited on my trip in 2012. But when you stop looking for awe-inspiring architecture and start seeing, you notice something important. The Temple of Artemis is alive. Read more

Here are the ten most popular posts since I moved to Patheos in January 2013. Some I expected to be popular and some I’m shocked they did so well, but they all have one thing in common – you and the other readers really liked them. Read more

All of Nature is sacred. But sacred or not, life feeds on life. What is your relationship with the living things that die so you can continue to live? Is it a conscious relationship? Is it an honest relationship? Is it in line with your values? Read more

I wear many religious hats and fill many religious roles. One of them is priest. But in a polytheistic setting, not everyone needs to be a priest, and one need not be a priest of a deity to work with and for Her. Read more

The new Cosmos is beautiful and fascinating and I hope the whole country watches it. We need a greater appreciation for science and a greater respect for the findings of science. But I remain a polytheist and a pantheist, a Druid and a priest. Read more

What will Paganism look like in 50 years? What we can build is limited only by our imaginations, but our imaginations are more limited than we like to think. Here’s what the Pagan world in 2064 will look like if things go reasonably well for us. Read more

Margot Adler’s new book explores our fascination with vampires. I’ve been fascinated with vampires ever since I was rushing home from elementary school to watch Dark Shadows. Read more

There are times we approach the Gods with what we’d like to give them, or with what we think they might like. And then there are times when they tell us exactly what they want. Read more

I’m very thankful for Joseph Campbell – he had just the right message at just the right time on my spiritual journey. But I think Campbell’s ideas are contributing to some of the current discord within Paganism. Read more

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