Yes, Belief Matters!

Paganism has always emphasized orthopraxy over orthodoxy, so it is not surprising that recent theological discussions have generated a backlash against belief. While we should hold our beliefs lightly, the idea that experience makes belief unnecessary simply doesn’t work for most people, including most Pagans. Read more


All of Nature is beautiful, powerful and sacred. But whether they are especially powerful or if they are simply different from the places we are used to experiencing, some places make it easy to connect with the Source of Life itself. Acadia helped me remember who I am. Read more

Box Pews

Box pews are an interesting artifact from the early Protestant era. They served a purpose, but that purpose was at odds with the general mission of the church. Make sure there are no box pews – literal or metaphorical – in your religious life. Read more

A Druid in Witch City

Salem is a tourist town – set your expectations accordingly and you can have a nice time. But while you’re there, pay a visit to the Witch Trials Memorial, and remember. Read more

And I’m Back

My recent travels have given me time to read and reflect on the gods-and-superheroes debate that’s had the Pagan internet all abuzz. It’s an exciting time to be a Pagan! Read more

Bloom Where You’re Planted

We’re not all called to be famous heroes – some of us are called to be everyday heroes; people who make a small but meaningful difference in the lives of others. When we bloom where we’re planted, we begin to change the world for the better, one person at a time. Read more

The Good In Other Religions

We need not agree with everything Pope Francis says and does to agree with his conclusion that recognizing the good those of other religions do is “a beautiful path to peace.” Read more

Ronald West Beckett (1948 – 2013)

My brother Ron died this past Saturday, May 18. His passing was not a surprise, but it is still sad to realize my big brother is gone from this world. This is the eulogy I gave for him at his funeral on May 21. Read more

Loving Nature in Tornado Season

When we learn to see things as they are, we can develop a deep connection with Nature and a love for Nature, even as we mourn the losses caused by Nature. Read more

What Do You Value?

People make decisions that are detrimental to the natural world for the same reason a road builder destroyed an ancient Mayan pyramid – they don’t value what they’re destroying. Read more