Nine Things I Think

Nine Things I Think will be an irregular feature whenever I have a list of things I want to talk about that aren’t long enough for their own individual posts. There’s no theme, just nine things I want to bring to your attention. Read more

The Story Has Changed

Sometimes we consciously rewrite our stories. Other times, our stories are rewritten by outside forces or by our unconscious minds. Recognizing these changes and responding to them can be difficult. Not responding can be far worse. Read more

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

We tell ourselves stories all the time but we rarely think about what we’re doing. That’s dangerous – stories are powerful things. They can take our lives in directions we may not want to go. The good news is that stories can be changed. Change your story and you change your life. Read more

A Commitment to Community

A religious community doesn’t exist to meet your needs. It exists to fulfill its mission and continue its traditions. If you participate fully, many of your needs will be met. But you will also be challenged. Read more

A Commitment to Excellence

If you’re looking for easy, there are any number of religions, spiritualities or entertainments that will be happy to feed you spiritual opium. But I can’t do justice to my commitment to Nature and to the gods without a commitment to excellence in my spiritual life. Read more

Teaching, Pagan Pride Day, and Videos

An Introduction to Modern Pagan Religion, the return of Pagan Pride Day to North Texas, and a small collection of videos of a certain Druid blogger. Read more

A Commitment to the Gods

Though I have a strong commitment to Nature, the natural world alone is not enough for me. The gods and goddesses are the most important center of my practice. My commitment to them put me firmly on this path that has led to belonging, purpose and fulfillment. Read more

A Commitment to Nature

I do not have a commitment to Nature because I’m a Pagan. I’m a Pagan because I have a commitment to Nature. This is what it means for me to be a Nature-centered Pagan. Read more

The Lone Ranger – Telling It Like It Is

The Lone Ranger is a flawed film and much of what the negative reviews complain about is true. But I still liked it, and if you’re on the fence I encourage you to see it. For all its inaccuracies, it tells it like it is. Read more

Preparations and Invocations

Telling the stories of the gods is a great way introduce them to people who may not even know their names. Another way is to invoke the gods, to reverently invite them into the circle and ask them to touch those in attendance. Read more

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