Samhain Circle

If you’re in the North Texas area, please join us for our celebration of Samhain on Saturday, October 29.  “Samhain” means “Summer’s End” and perhaps in no other year have we been so glad for Summer to be over!  Our Samhain Circle will include a celebration of Summer’s end and a tribute to our ancestors. [Read More...]

Qualifications and Tradeoffs

From a Google+ forward by Thorn Coyle comes this website titled “The Art of Non-Conformity – Unconventional Strategies for Life, Work, and Travel” by Chris Guillebeau. It’s another example of a person who has rejected the mainstream world and is living life his way. His blog entry today is titled “Qualifications” and he gleefully lists [Read More...]

Initiation in the Western Mystery Tradition

On Wednesday evening I attended a lecture by Dr. Paul Clark, Steward of the Fraternity of the Hidden Light. It was titled “Initiation and Archetype in the Western Mysteries.” The best general online introduction to the Western Mystery Tradition is probably the Wikipedia page, although the subject is so broad and (if you’ll pardon the [Read More...]

Why We Loved Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died yesterday at the age of 56. Tributes, biographies and features are filling the internet and I have nothing noteworthy to add to them. Instead, I want to talk briefly about how we (most of us, anyway) viewed Steve Jobs, what that says about us and what we can learn from it all. [Read More...]

Re-enchantment, Part 2

I’m still thinking about Sharon Knight’s call to “re-enchant the world.” On Saturday I talked about some of the ways we can do this: through the arts, in Nature, and through our own magical work. But how do we create an enchanted world when the disenchanted world keeps intruding? And even if we can, what [Read More...]

Fire Spinning

Although we had a lot of rain at the OBOD East Coast Gathering, Saturday night turned out very nice.  We had a roaring fire, songs, stories, jokes… and this performance by Alexis Hosea from New York.  It turned out surprisingly well for something shot by a rank amateur with a point & shoot camera. Enjoy… [Read more...]


Sharon Knight is the lead singer of Pandemonaeon and a Pagan in the Anderson Feri Tradition. Last week she wrote a piece for her blog titled “To Re-enchant The World” where she said To re-enchant the world implies that it has been disenchanted. The concept of disenchantment appears to have been coined by a turn-of-the-century [Read More...]


crossposted with No Unsacred Place Every now and then we need to immerse ourselves in Nature. The idea of living in cities – much less in suburbs – is a very new phenomenon. Even after cities became commonplace – when “civilization” began – the majority of people still lived on the land. It wasn’t until [Read More...]