Star Foster at Patheos has a new piece up on Ephesus, which is best known in the West as an early Christian site but which was known in antiquity for its massive Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The history in Star’s article is good but what grabbed my attention [Read More...]

How Much Is Enough?

My biggest criticism of the “spiritual but not religious” crowd is that too many of them use the label as an excuse for avoiding the hard work of spiritual practice and the accountability of religious community. But that criticism raises the question “how much is enough?” How much spiritual practice is enough? How much study [Read More...]

Evolution – The Great Story

I’ve never been very passionate about evolution. 10th grade biology plus some extra-curricular science reading convinced me it was an accurate explanation for the development of life. That allowed me to check that box on my “things I need to know” list and move onto other subjects I found more engaging. But over the past [Read More...]

Together in Faith

David Sparks of Temple Spiritualis Compassare and John Beckett of Denton CUUPS Last night I had the honor of participating in Together in Faith, a 9/11 Service of Remembrance and Hope held at the First United Methodist Church of Denton.  I was one of the “faith group representatives” who spoke on the theme “I believe” [Read More...]

Social Security

Caring for our elders is the collective responsibility of society, not an individual responsibility. While I try to stay informed, I do what I can to stick to the news and avoid political commentary – it just gets my blood pressure up. But every now and then something slips through my filters and raises said [Read More...]

Spiritual But Not Religious, Again

I’m coming in late on the most recent flare-up about the “Spiritual But Not Religious,” but some of you may not have seen it, and in any case I have a few things I want to discuss. This episode began when this essay by Rev. Lillian Daniel of the United Church of Christ was published [Read More...]

The Necessity of Work

To say I have a complicated relationship with work would be an understatement.  The picture to the right is a scan of a Peanuts card I bought in the 3rd grade.  It is – I think – the oldest of the few childhood mementos I have kept.  At that point in my life – and [Read More...]

The King

I just finished listening to the new Wigglian Way podcast.  The Wigglian Way is one of the longest running Pagan podcasts – now in its 6th year, with 87 episodes.  It’s one of only a few I’m subscribed to – while it’s light-hearted and humorous, it has plenty of good content and very little of [Read More...]