Any ritual that honors one of the old gods in a public park in Dallas, Texas can only be considered a success. But our Cernunnos Ritual at Pagan Pride Day could have been better if we had made adjustments for the venue and for the diversity of the participants. Read more

The wind, rain, and cool temperatures did nothing to hinder the return of Pagan Pride Day to the Dallas – Fort Worth area. A community that is both literally and figuratively spread out came together for a wonderful day of celebration and fellowship. Read more

Apocalyptic Witchcraft is a provocative book of poetry and dreams. It is strong medicine – taken wrongly it is deadly poison. But for those who feel called to the sabbat, it shows how we can dance and fly, and perhaps, how we must. Read more

I’m angry about the government shutdown – it’s a dereliction of duty and a failure to govern. But rather than stewing in my anger, I’m going to do what I can to work through it and return to my center and my true will. Read more

Esoteric studies and spiritual development can be intimidating. It may seem like nothing is happening, but that’s only above the surface. Deep inside, mystical processes are at work. If you would learn and grow, do the work and trust the process. Read more

I appreciate the compliments I got on this blog at the East Coast Gathering, but they seemed surreal… until I realized we’re all tapped into the same currents. Read more

The OBOD East Coast Gathering was four days immersed in Druidry, celebrating who we are and learning what we can become. In the woods of Pennsylvania, we saw what is possible when we work with the currents of Nature and with each other. Read more

Nine Things I Think: Monsters, Greek Religion, two Pagan gatherings, an upcoming class I’m co-leading, and the best t-shirts I’ve ever found. Read more

Who can practice a religion that is rooted in the experiences of a specific group of people? The answer to that question suggests a helpful approach for dealing with an uncertain future. Read more

My belief we’re here for a purpose doesn’t flow from my Pagan religion. It comes from something before that, from some deep intuition. It’s part of my core being, and it whispers “there’s more.” Read more

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