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Why Death Is Like It Is

I think about death a lot. I figure anyone alive does, but I could be wrong about. I think I’m more impatient than most people. I’m always abnormally interested in how things are going to end. Anyway, death is horrible. It’s an unthinkable affront to everything that’s dear to us. We all know that. So it makes [Read More…]

Sunday Night. Weekend Over.

11:37 p.m. I wonder how many 11:37 p.m.’s I’ve experienced in my life? Too many. Not nearly enough. [Read more…]

How to Subscribe to a Blog

A few people have e-mailed me asking either how they can subscribe to my blog, or even what it means to subscribe to mine or any other blog. “Subscribing” to a blog means getting everything new that’s written on a blog sent directly to you as an email. This allows you to keep up on the [Read More…]

My Advice to the Teenager In Your Life

Hello, teen. I assume someone you know has forwarded you this — unless you came to it on your own, which seems unlikely. Either way, thanks for giving any of what I’ve written here any of your valuable time at all. My name is John Shore. I am not a teenager — though, like all people [Read More…]

I’m Out in Public! Whoo-Hoo!!

I’m out here, man. I’d doin’ it. I’m Experiencing Others. I’m at a coffee shop. I’m sitting on a round stool that goes with the tall, round, shiny, 80’s-style oak table upon which is now my laptop and my Cwasant Le’ Tasty. Lionel Richie’s “Easy Like Sunday Morning” wafts through the air like a melodious, [Read More…]

Korean Rights Sold to My Book “I’m OK – You’re Not”

It was weird enough selling one of my books to a Korean publisher. Now a different Korean publisher (Sallim Publishing) has bought my other solo book, I’m OK — You’re Not: The Message We’re Sending Non-Christians and Why We Should Stop. So … I’m mystified. Definitely gratified — but mystified nonetheless. Which pretty much wraps up my whole [Read More…]

The Smiling Bird

Young Benny Horton sat in the cavernous living room of a luxurious high-rise apartment on a round, backless white couch with a giant white button in its middle. It was 1959. Men wore hats. Women had big hair. People wore sunglasses, and smiled an awful lot. In the room with Benny was Benny’s mom, Mom. [Read More…]

Not Involved

[Family life. Fiction. It’s all part of the same pot, isn’t it?] David looked up from the letter informing him of his mother’s death–and the next thing he knew he was nine years old, floating inches off the ceiling of the dining room in the house in which he grew up. Directly below him, yellow [Read More…]

Hollywood: 10,000 Exhibitionists, and No One Watching

First of all, if you left me a “Happy 50th Birthday!” message, I want to sincerely thank you. If you didn’t leave me such a message, I want to sincerly ask you what your problem is. How often does someone turn 50? Luckily for you, part of being so old you begin forgetting to chew before you swallow is [Read More…]

Why white people can relax about Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright

I got an email yesterday from a friend of some 30 years who’s a member of Trinity Church, home of the suddenly very famous Rev. Jeremiah Wright. She’s a tad freaked out by all the hoopla. She loves her pastor, of course. She knows him to be a deep, vital, loving man of God whose life and ministry are [Read More…]