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Certainty in Christ: A Blessing–And A Curse

How can being absolutely certain of Christ’s reality and sovereignty be a curse? Because the one thing that will unfailingly close your mind to the great spontaneous freedom of life—the one thing, in other words, sure to kill the vibrant, open-ended vitality of the Holy Spirit—is being confident that you know and understand everything. And [Read More…]

A Moving Experience

We’re in our new place. WE’RE MISSING OUR DINING ROOM TABLE AND OUR COUCH BECAUSE OUR MORON MOVERS BROKE THEM BOTH, but we’re in our new place. You know how the night before your movers arrive you’re Generally Anxious, because there’s so much at stake? You’re spending insane money, everything you own is vulnerable, there’s [Read More…]

Happy/Sad Memorial Day

I hate making suggestions for what other people should do or think. It’s just  an obnoxious thing to do.  If there’s one thing I think we could all use less of, it’s people telling us what we should and shouldn’t do, think, and be. Luckily, when I give advice, it never fails to be inspiring [Read More…]

My Office, Pre-Dismantling

  This is my office, as it is right now, before I start ripping it apart for the move. I’ve enjoyed working here; in this room, in the last two years, I’ve written two books, one play, 220 blog posts, and sent about 18 trillion emails to people, many of whom I am sure wish I’d get [Read More…]


Beginning this weekend, my wife Cat and I are moving to a new apartment. Moving. As in boxes. And tape. And … excessive, American-style ownership. And, eventually, me in a corner, crying. We’ll be in our new place Wednesday, May 28. Yay. We are very, very, very glad to be leaving the place in which [Read More…]

My Point: Reject EVERYTHING, So God Can Arrive

Yesterday I posted a piece called Unhappy? Reject Your Parents. As I understood beforehand would happen, a lot of people assumed I’d written that piece as a sort of knee-jerk, negative response to my father’s recent visit, about which, in Connecting Flights, I’d written the day before. As I also anticipated would happen, a lot of Christians immediately [Read More…]

Perpetually unhappy? Consider rejecting your parents.

Unhappy? Then do yourself a favor, and consider the possibility that you had truly crappy parents. Maybe it’s NOT you. [Read more…]

Connecting Flights

How 12 hours went by like 12 seconds. [Read more…]

How To Earn Respect and Power, Kids

Yesterday, at Jamul Intermediate School, in Jamul, California, I spoke to fourth and fifth graders about writing. If you are one of those kids: Hi, kid! Thanks for having me out at your school yesterday! Not that you had a choice! Still, you were very polite, and laughed at all my jokes, and asked intelligent, fun questions, [Read More…]

Word 7.0 Problem Solved

Hey, if you’ve come to help with my MS Word 7 formatting question, I figured it out! And I did so within a half hour of putting up my “Please help me!” post last night. So then I removed that post. But THEN, apparently, that post went out to my RSS/Feedburner subscribers anyway. And so [Read More…]