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God Doesn’t Care If You’re Married or Not

It’s fun to write about being married or single—because that’s about relationships, and that’s about Intense Human Interaction, and what’s more dependably interesting than that? And so I’ve enjoyed writing (and wading through the many, often emotionally intense responses to) You! Get Married! Now!; Looking for Mr. Right? You’re Missing the Point, Missy; Six Tests to Determine [Read More…]

Earthquake Almost Converts Lady in My Apartment!

About a half hour ago I was standing in my apartment with a women I’d never met. She was there to assess whether or not she wanted to make my apartment her new apartment, since my wife Cat and I have to move from here. Meaning we have to find someone to take over our [Read More…]

Another Exceptional Painting Bought at a Thrift Store

Here’s another original work of art I bought at one of the thrift stores my wife operates in her capacity as Director of Finance and Thrift Store Operations (!!) for Community Resource Center, a nonprofit organization located in lovely Encinitas, CA. The painting is done on what I believe is goat skin—making it a great [Read More…]

Speaking of Original, Heart-Breakingly Perfect Art I Bought at a Thrift Store …

Oh, sorry: we were (here) talking about the Muhammad Ali painting I bought at an auction, not art I bought at a thrift store. Well, the above is an original painting that I bought at a thrift store some two years ago for ten or fifteen bucks. I like it so much—I find it so deeply [Read More…]

What Was This Car Salesman Thinking?

I was in an elevator; I opened the emergency phone box (because what else is there to do in an elevator?); what I saw’s above. So my question is: What was the car salesman who left his card inside this elevator phone box thinking? Right after people who are stuck in elevators have desperately phoned for [Read More…]

You! Get Married! Now!

A lot of people took my recent post, Looking For Mr. Right? You’re Missing the Point, Missy, to mean that I’m anti-marriage. But I am most definitely pro-marriage. I’ve been happily married for 27 years. Me being anti-marriage is like Pavarotti being anti-singing. It just wouldn’t make sense. I think everyone should get married. But I also [Read More…]

Christians: Would you hang in your house this painting by Muhammad Ali?

In the desert town of Lancaster, California, I once attended a silent auction fundraiser for a charity, and was so struck by the fairly large (28 x 24 inches) painting above that I took what for me then was quite a leap, and bid $80.00 on it. Weirdly enough (to me anyway), no one else bid on the [Read More…]

The Worst Truck Slogan EVER

Yesterday my wife Cat and I were driving on the freeway when she said, “The slogan of the truck we just passed is ‘Always Late.’” “Take a picture!” I said. “Take a picture!” Being a Superior Human Being Who Always Gets It, Cat immediately started scrounging around in my bag for the camera I keep on me for [Read More…]

Stop Wasting Time Looking for Mr. Right

Single women (in the 27 to 40-year-old zone, mainly) have lately been asking me what generally boils down to this: “What do guys want? I’m a pretty, intelligent, good-hearted woman who has a lot to offer any man. But all the men I meet invariably end up having some sort of congenital aversion to commitment—to [Read More…]

The Least Cuddly Children’s Toy EVER

                      Here’s a toy somebody donated to the thrift store today. Made of rock-hard plastic, it’s about twelve inches high. I was going to make a joke about how unsurprising it was that it looks brand new, since no one could have ever  played with [Read More…]