Favorite Song of the Houseboat People?

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(For the record, those are Actual Homes, located on the street right behind where my wife works.)

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  • Dejavou! I lived on a houseboat as a kid…. a community on ocean water….had floating sidewalks. Very interesting when the tide went out and in. Don't think we had a special song though, but knowing my uncles it would likely have been Yo-ho-ho and a Bottle of Merlot!!

  • Candace

    At least it’s not the theme from Gilligan’s Island.

    Cute in theory – not all it’s cracked up to be in reality, I’m guessing. All the space constraints of boat living without the view and the waves rocking you to sleep.

    On the other hand … no marina fees!!!

  • Dan Harrell

    Hey John,

    How about Michael row the boat ashore (Get it Shore?)

    I crack me up

  • Dan Harrell

    How about Dead in the Water? Or there is Muddy Water, or Walking on Water. Or in this case Bring Me Some Water by Melissa Etheridge?

    And there are all the jokes that end by saying “as much sense as putting a basement in a house boat”

    Only in California.

  • Yeah, that is so funny. “Bring Me Some Water.” I didn’t even think to go down the “Water Shortage” line of yuks. That would have been great. “Take Me to The River.” Awesome. You rock (the boat), Dan.

    Greta: Amazing!

    Candace: Yeah, I don’t know the people who live there. They seem like … normal people. I really should ask to see the inside of their place, take some pics, and so on. Be fun.

  • Lets see. Boat HOOUUUSE by the Commodores? I need a write in vote option.

    I wonder if these folks are related to Noah. Oh wait, they would have to be, right? And me too! I have the coolest relatives.

    You Californians ARE in a different state entirely!

  • And I thought living in this http://www.roadsideamerica.com/attract/images/vt/VTPUTigloo1.jpg was the weirdest I has seen (about an hour away in Putney, Vermont). They call it an igloo house: I think it looks like a package and a half of Hostess SnoBalls

  • What are the odds of finding two boat-houses right next to each other? I hope that doesn’t become epidemic like all the gated communities, I tend to get sea sick.

  • Dan–You know, on my list, I had "Michael, Row The Boat Up Onto The Curb," but I ended up cutting it, because enough was enough already. But that's TOTALLY funny! (I actually PUT "Take Me To The River" on the list. I couldn't resist.)

    Tamara: Funny. Yeah, I don't know the story on these two homes. Someone told me they'd just been designated some kind of … Historical House landmark type thing, or something. They've been there for a long time. When I was standing outside of it taking this picture, I TOTALLY heard someone from inside the houseboat on the right singing. LOUDLY.

  • Ric: Those houseboats ARE mighy Noahesque. Good call.

  • Candace

    Wonder if it is two boats/two families, or if one family occupies both boats. That’d be kinda neat – turn one boat over to the kids and mom and dad have the other.

  • arlywn

    *sighs* John… you have too much time on your hands. As does everyone else who reads this blog apparently. At least its entertaining…