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Beyond the Christianization of Abortion

With all of my heart, I wish everyone was Christian. I wish divorce, drug abuse, alcoholism, spousal abuse, racism, and every sort of the exploitation and moral degradation amidst which we all live everyday was gone forever, burned away in the bright light of God’s infinite, immediate love for each and every one of us. [Read More…]

Will God Forgive Me if I Don’t Vote for McCain?

Yesterday a visitor to my blog left this comment for me (on, weirdly, my “My YouTube Videos” page): “How could any ‘christian’ [sic] even consider voting for anyone other than Senator McCain!” In that challenge there’s much implied and assumed—but I doubt its author was looking for an in-depth conversation about, say, the differences between [Read More…]

Did Last Night’s Debate Decide It For You?

Okay, a quick question. (Yes, I’m still taking a break. This doesn’t count. Seriously. It doesn’t. Stop it.) Did last night’s presidential debate change your mind, or decide it for you? Reading in various forums and so on a ton of responses to the debate, I got the impression that everybody who watched it already knew [Read More…]

My Second (And Last!) YouTube Video

Okay, I’m back. Well. Sort of. I am insofar as yesterday I made another thrilling video of myself … saying stuff … but was prevented from showing it, because for some inexplicable reason YouTube, after my making one video, permanently disabled my account. (??? Oh: you can see my first Very Exciting video here.) So [Read More…]

How I Blog (and Why I’m Taking a Break From It)

Yesterday I made another thrilling video of myself talking into my MacBook. But when I went to mount it on YouTube, I got a message from YouTube saying that my account had been “permanently disabled”! I have no idea why that should happen. Perhaps someone at YouTube watched my first tape, and understood immediately that it [Read More…]

I’ve Finally Gone to the Dogs

A while back I told some Christian publishing and writing muck-a-mucks with whom I was having lunch that had engaged me to write a blog for them (everything I post here on “Suddenly Christian” also runs on Crosswalk and “Oh, no,” said one of my lunch-mates, an author of “Christian Living”-type books. “I’ve [Read More…]

Our Church: “Sign This Anti-Gay Statement, or Leave”

After my wife Cat and I had spent six years as members of our very first church home–a Presbyterian USA church—we were asked to sign a document asserting that under no circumstances should anyone involved in a same-sex relationship be allowed to hold “any position, of any authority whatsoever” at that church. We had both [Read More…]

My First (And Last!) YouTube Video

Yeah, so I was goofing around with my new MacBook, and decided to see if I could make and mount a video of myself blathering on about absolutely nothing. I don’t think I’ll ever do this again, because—well, yikes. But here’s what I got. Be forewarned that watching this video means never, ever getting back [Read More…]

I Don’t Care What You Think of My Christianity

Sometimes, following a certain type of post I write (the most recent being Evangelist, or Ego-Driven Meddler?), I get an email or two telling me what a shabby excuse for a Christian I am. (Though let me hasten to add that for every one message I get in the “To [Hades] with you, devil boy!!” vein, I [Read More…]

Ahhhhh…Sunday Afternoon. I Hate It.

Ah, Sunday afternoon. How I hate it. It is, after all, naught but the itchy calm before the formidable storm of Monday morning. Of course, these days I wouldn’t know the formidable storm of Monday morning from my postman’s bad breath. These days I get paid to lay around the house all day, waiting for [Read More…]