How To Make a tinyURL in a Tiny Moment

In order to transform a long and unwieldy url/website address (such as wonderful/extremelybrilliant adp p.x=300&tdork.y=75&nolife=%252b KZmeiIh6N%2 52bIgpXRP3bylMaN0 …) into the shorter tiny-urls (that look like this: that you often see people using in their Facebook and Twitter statuses (statisi?), all you have to do is this:

Cut/save the url you want to shorten;

go to ;

paste your url into the box they make it obvious you’re supposed to;

hit the “make tinyURL!” button;

marvel at the succinctness of your tiny new url/web address!

Even better: You’ll see a bit down the homepage a place where they make it extremely easy for you to drag a “TinyURL!” button onto your browser’s toolbar. Do that. Afterwards, whenever you have a url that you want to tiny up, all you have to do is bring up that page, hit your tinyURL button, and you’ll instantly be taken to the tinyURL homepage, where your new tinyURL will be waiting for you to cut and paste wherever you want. Couldn’t be easier!

The service is absolutely free (though of course they’d appreciate any donation you’d care to make), and utterly non-intrusive: you’ll never get an email or anything like that from the tinyURL people. I never have.

All right! Groovy like movie in juvey!


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  • Just make sure your URL service is reliable and keep a list on your own computer of what each shortened URL goes to in case your service goes out of business (it happened with one a few years ago).

  • LOL!! John!!! Really?!?! You deleted my tinyurl?!?!

  • mike: i'm real busy just now, but yeah. I can't send people to a url without telling them beforehand where they're going.

  • Ok, I'm back. (I'm busy setting up my new blog (which I'll announce later; it'll be called John Shore Land, and be at

    People: Mike's tiny url was to his own blog, which is very lovely, and to which you can get by clicking his name.

  • am i the only person who hates tinyurls?

    i mean, yes, long links are annoying and often "break" but "tinyurl"?? i think im more opposed to the sound of the actual word "tiny" + "url" (tie-knee-earl) than the idea itself, which, i guess, is great.

    hows that for a little daily neurosis? hahaha 😉

  • Oh, no: I, too, cringe at the whole "tiny" thing. (HEY! Let's take that kind of thinking over to my new Non-Religious blog!!) But, whaddaya gonna do? The normal massive url's are often too large to cram into a Facebook or Twitter status thing. Which makes the tinyurl's fantastically wonderful and generally mega-handy. You freak.

  • I used to say groovy, until my son told me that was outdated. I don´t say it anymore. I am supposed to say anything but groovy. (smile)

    I´ll be looking forward to your new website, and thanks for the tiny url info.

  • Hey! Weren’t you going to limit this site to things religious?

    I have used for many years. It is useful, as you say, to shorten (and make more reliable) links to unwieldy addresses. It also is useful (if you are so motivated) to hide the address of the linked site…and has the potential to be used maliciously.

  • Sweet!! I so needed this information for my FB pages and such. John you rock dude! Thanks for posting stuff like this.

  • Use instead. It lets you tweet your shortenedurl immediately instead of having to copy and paste it into Twitter. Best of all, it keeps track of how many people actually clicked on your link so you know the ones that are generating traffic.

    We’re doing it now exclusively at @kron4news

  • This might have changed my life a little. Thank you.